Really? Late 20s?

J told me on Saturday that I'll be in my late 20s (officially) tomorrow. I cried. No, seriously. I did. I knew I was turning 26. But I guess I didn't connect the dots. Although at a christmas party that night, a girl told me that 26 is still technically Mid-20s. She's my new best friend. lol.

So, tomorrow another year older. But I'm quite excited that in the year I'm 26, I'll be married, a bridesmaid, and also finish my master's degree. Quite fun. And then the year after that is when J and I will decide if we should move and buy a house. Now that seems a lot more frightening than becoming a "mrs." Although I think they're equally a huge commitment.

This year's holiday season kinda sucks. Last year J and I bought this huge magnificent tree and decorated it with lights and ornaments. This year we have more furniture and have no where to put a real one. So instead, I busted out with my lovely 3 foot shiny pine like the one below, but mine's turquoise.

Cute I know. But J hates it. But it's the best we can do this year. I also have our stockings up, our lil snowmen figurines, and soon we should be getting christmas cards. I got one on Saturday, but I was drunk, and can't remember where I put it. Oops!


Why's it so hard?

I started looking at wedding dresses long before I was engaged. I think most women do. You might even tear them out of magazines and pile them up. Well, trying on dresses is a whole different experience. I went with J's sister when she was picking out her dress (before I was engaged) and she had me look through and try on a few. It was fun, but definitely not the same as when you're engaged. Before it was for fun, this time it's for real.

I have been to a few stores, and it's not exactly like it is in the movies or on tv. On those things, there's champagne flowing, the dresses fit perfectly, and the first one is the right time. Well, not so much. There's a lot more stress, DESIRE to drink champagne (but none unfortunately is around DAMMIT!), and LOTS of opinions. That was by far the most difficult thing to get around. I wanted it to be a bit more fun and laid back. But no. Everything I tried on was too big, too long, and just didn't look like "me." I felt like I was playing dressup and I wanted to be a BRIDE.

Others have told me "you'll just know." I didn't understand this before I had tried on engagement rings, but I found "the one" after a lot of tries. The rings before just looked like I was borrowing them from someone. But when I found mine, it was perfect. And that's why J bought that exact one instead of having one made for me. He's great like that.

So, back to the dresses, I tried on lace, organza, taffeta, A-line, ball gown, pick-up, trumpet. White, diamond white, ivory. It's amazing how many different styles there are. But none were the exact one. I liked them, some of my family I brought liked them (and, of course, some didn't). i was kinda getting a lil sad because I had been to a few stores, and the dresses' prices were getting more and more expensive. I was getting frustrated and needed to keep my budget in mind.

Then today, it happened. I went to another bridal store that (i thought) had closed a bit ago. But it had just moved. I waited for the woman to help me, and I had marked some dresses I liked. She came over, I showed her, and she had none of them for me to try on. There was one dress hanging on a rack and the front was just gorgeous. It had just enough beading, and just enough style, and looked like it'd show off my body really well. My friend K was there too to help me out.

I put it on, and it was just magic. It was my size, it laced up beautifully, and wasn't even that long (just a side note here. Some dresses were over 6 inches too long on me....) I'm taking my mom tomorrow to get the final approval. And I can't wait to buy it. It'll be my first major purchase towards the wedding. And definitely probably one of the most important :o)


Holy crap it's been ages

My. How the hell have 6 weeks passed and no blog? Probably because for the actual 2nd half of school I was having 2 nights of classes (6-10...sucks) and had to do homework. One of my classes involved a lot more work than the other...Research Methods. For those of you out of the school circuit, (ya know, all 3 of you that read this...lol) research methods is a lovely class most hate. In ours, you had to learn about the whole research project, create a 2 page survey, have 50 people take it, then enter all the data into a lovely program called SPSS. It took 3 hours to enter everything in, but once you do that, the program can do practically any statistical information you ask...in under 5 seconds.

Then, you had to write a Literature Review....another paper thing, and finally, turn in the whole stack of papers that was about 4 inches tall...and that didn't include any of the printouts from your statistical findings. That'd be about another 4 inches. Lots of trees!

But, Lucky to report, Got an A in the class! A- actually. but none-the-less. still an A. Last night I was working on some other stuff for my other class that wraps up next week. I wanted to just skip one of the assignments, but luckily I have a fiance that'd kick my ass. So, while he watched southpark, I sorta-kinda BS-ed my way through the assignment. I know, I suck.

But I'm less than a month away from my birthday, christmas, and the last thing I really want to do is school work. I have 6 weeks off, then I'll be starting another semester of torture. I think I'm going to take 4 classes. But I have to find out if I can. The program director only likes you to take 2, maybe 3 a semester. I'm an overachiever and want to be done by next fall. So, by this time next year, I hope to be a master's graduate that's also survived a wedding. And that'd be one hell of an accomplishment....Especially if everyone around me survives both my educational endeavors....and my wedding. Last week was a bit torturous. I almost didn't survive....


I can almost see the end...

I'm currently in the middle of my term paper for my first class. It's only been, oh, 3 years since I last wrote one. It's a bit hard trying to submerge yourself into the references, the APA writing style, and making sure you get all your points across, WITHOUT boring your audience. But I hit a wall. That's why I'm online. I just need to get back in the mindset to finish the damn thing. But, as soon as I'm done, I have about 15 other things to do. I started my other two classes this week for the 2nd half of the semester. They both will be quite a bit of work - both involve a research project...and did I mention the class is only 8 weeks long? It's like speed reading...

So, I guess I should stop procrastinating and finish that damn paper. The only thing I have to look forward to as my mini-reward is getting to work on my bridesmaids invitations - well, their little mini project to ask them. Wahoo!


Quite excited

Today feels like the first official day of fall. The air is crisp, I can wear my emus again, and a sweatshirt, and be comfortable. I'm excited to drink hot coffee again, and enjoy going to sleep at night without the AC on, and it's still a comfortable 70 degrees.

Last night I started my research class for my program. I did take this class previously for my undergrad work, so luckily I wasn't too nervous about it. But, it's technically only 5 classes long...5 weeks. And, in that time, we have to find our research topic, develop our survey questions, distribute, input, analyze, and write the report. Luckily the teacher is really laid back, smart, and most importantly, funny. Sitting through 4 hours of that a week can get pretty gruesome if your teacher doesn't have a sense of humor. I was telling J last night how he's from the same town as me, so he's familiar with the issues around here (which was great because he helped me figure out what to "research"). But, he's also had plenty of experience around the world - going about 4 times a year to other countries to help with their research, he's worked for aerospace companies, nuclear power plants, and his expertise is in Terrorism. How awesome is that? He gets paid to go all over the place! Of course, he said, it has his downfalls - he said his wife hates that he's gone so much, and he rarely gets time off. But, he can read a book a day, can play chess without even looking at the board, and likes to be called "Dave", not Dr. Ballard.

But, for now, between work emails, phone calls, and tasks, I'm just enjoying my cup of coffee, my emus, and my sweatshirt. lol.


Just a smidge overwhelmed

And when I say a smidge, I mean more like a lot. After a fun weekend driving all over CA, (well, up near the stockton area, then to Monterey, then finally, home), It was nice to sleep in my own bed again. Friday morning J & I headed up north to go to a college friend's wedding. It was so pretty, but had 300 HUNDRED people (well, probably more than that, but definately hit the 300 mark). I couldn't believe it! There was some funny parts, some teary parts, catching-up time and college reminiscing. On the way home (well, slight detour) we went to Monterey, grabbed some sandwiches from this delicious deli, and ate lunch on the beach. It was odd though...there was actually construction being done on the beach. Apparently they're building a sea wall to help stop eroding.

I also saw a seal there. And it was weird becuase it wasn't far out in the distance. It as pretty damn close. How close? Enough to scare the shit out of a surfer girl. The thing went right past her and she almost fell off the board. It was actually a little bit funny. But it was nice driving around the place I called home for 2 years. It's changed - a lot, but I still love going there. Hopefully one of these times J and I can go for longer than just a brief lunch. He keeps wanting to stay at this one hotel right on the water. Maybe next year! Right now we have way too much going on. Which brings me to why I'm so overwhelmed.

My first set of classes ends in 2 weeks, but unfortunately the 2nd set starts this week. So for the next two weeks, I'll be heading to school 3 times a week, having more homework, still have to finish my term paper (blech) and not go insane. J's working his 2nd job almost every night during the week, so now we only really hang out on the weekends...and we live together. It was nice the first week this happened - gave me time to catch up on my homework. But that wore off, and now it basically sucks. But, we're sacrificing now to work on the next year so we can enjoy our time after that.

I'm starting to work on my little arts & crafts project for my bridesmaids. No one knows who I picked, just my mom and J. Oh, and my maid-of-honor. She knows. But I'm having difficulties working on these projects since I have zero free time. I hope to get them done by the 20th, but that might be hard. But my dad is having a small dinner that night, and I'd like to have them finished up and sent out to everyone by then. Luckily I HAVE to turn in my term paper on the 17th, so I'm planning on working my ass off that Friday night and Saturday to get it done. I hope they turn out good!!!!


Over joyed

This weekend was the best weekend ever. And I do mean EVER. After almost 2 years being together, J proposed in the best way I could have wanted. I always wonder what he'd do when the time came. Would it be somewhere that was reminiscent of something from before? Would it be on a special trip? Special dinner? Would it be memorable? While it didn't happen in an over extravagant way, the way in which it would happen I'll never forget. He shocked me. Mostly because he kept it secret! He asked for permission and the blessing from my mom, dad, step-mom, sister and my aunt & uncle. He's been looking for awhile, he's made a few trips, and he said it was hard because he wanted to tell me so bad!!!

Being engaged is one of the best feelings. I keep finding myself staring at my ring (which J's sister told me to be careful with - she got engaged 2 months ago, and has almost been in a few car accidents...) but it's just so gorgeous, I can't help it. We went looking a few weeks ago (I did learn that the urge from his sister was planned all along) and I found the one that I wanted. And J did everything to get the one I wanted. So now let the planning begin. I'm so excited. I don't want to do any homework, just looking online, planning. But I do have to keep school in mind. We're winding down with the first section of classes. I only have 3 classes left, and at the last one my huge term paper. And so many things are going on, it's starting to get a little more difficult getting everything done! But J said he'd kick me if I don't do my work. But sometimes there's just many more fun things to do.


Nothing better

There's nothing better than returning to work from your lunch break (on an extremely gloomy Friday) to a big box sitting on your desk from ProFlowers. Yup, J surprised me and sent me a beautiful bouquet of flowers - both of my faves (white Gerbera Daises and Stargazers). It's gorgeous!

And, I did learn that it's not "gerber" daises, but there really is an "a" on the end. Bizarre.


One year

Last year, yesterday to be exact, was when my grandmother passed away. It was the second time in my life where I was actually in the room when it happened (or immediately after). It's such a weird thing to experience. I can still remember being in there, one of my aunt's arguing with another sibling as to what to do with their mom. Some were out in the hall - to overcome to go in. And the rest actually went to the cafeteria to get something to drink.

I remember what I did first. I found my dad, cuz he wasn't in there. I told him to come in. I went to the window to look outside over Burbank. It was cool outside, I had on a pink shirt and jeans. I literally rolled out of bed, put in my contacts, brushed my teeth and headed to the hospital at the call of my cousin.

J couldn't make it. He told me to call him later on. I did. He rushed there. I wonder what my family thought - having my boyfriend show up to console me. But I didn't care. He'd be in my life forever, and might as well be there for me when I needed him the most.

That week was filled with planning. I've never worked so hard on something that was so depressing. My cousins and I worked on our eulogy, who was going to say it. (It ended up being me, and I still to this day don't know how I managed to say the whole thing, only pausing once to catch myself.). After the burial we filed to my dad's house - so many relatives I hadn't seen, family friends I couldn't remember. It was, ironically enough, the perfect day for a funeral. Not hot, not cold, not a cloud in the sky. I almost wished, for a moment, there was a bit of rain. No good reason, but rain reminds me of my grandfather (her husband).

Now, a year later, all the children are back to the daily hustle and bustle. None went to her grave. My dad said he didn't for good reason. His parents raised him to remember the good times, and I suppose not to focus on the sad parts. It makes sense. I mean, I avoid the cemetary. In fact, when we went last year, it was the first time I'd been in over 10 years ~ for my grandfather's funeral. All of us were so much older this time around.

I think about all those who have passed. Right now, I only have 2 grandmother's left. One isn't technically mine, but she is. In fact, I think overall she's the closest thing to the stereotypical grandmother I have. The other one - well, she had a close call with death over 3 years ago. I guess you can say she recovered. Not mentally though. But I haven't seen her - haven't been allowed to see her in almost a year. No, actually, pretty much a year. It's amazing how time passes so quickly.


Slow down

Lately time has been flying by way too fast. I'm rushing through the days, weeks, now months. September. How did it get here so fast? What happened to time going slow like in elementary school? Guess that's over and done with. What now? Well, lots. Lately J and I have had lots to think about, lots to decide upon, and it's frightening. But J and I are at the threshold of some big changes.

Upon our recent trip to Colorado, we fell in love, again, with the place. Over winter we visited for a week and loved it, even all the snow. It was weird waking up to a blanket of white. Walking around, hearing the snow crunch under your feet, and have to snuggle all night long to stay warm. (ok, well, we also did it because we love each other). But this time was different. Instead of going up there with 8 other people, and mainly staying indoors, this time we ventured out. We got the bug to look at houses with our friends, C&J. They've been there for over a year now, and live in the mountains - it's far from denver, but it's gorgeous there. We all looked with high hopes, and empty accounts. But, after lots of searching (and almost risking missing our flight), we decided we need to make some changes.

Nothing's set for sure yet, but one thing is - the one thing almost every 20-something has on the brain - debt. Next 12 months will be sent, more so than ever, focusing on dwindling down. I started today. My grandmother's house finally sold, and my portion of the inheritance wiped out one card. Another card is done - due to the sell of my laptop. Just one more. While before we both worked on lowering everything, it was a lot harder to motivate ourselves because there was no end goal. I mean, there was - no debt. But then what? Nothing.

This time around, the end goal is hopefully moving, getting a house, and starting our lives. That is great motivation. Huge! I'm very excited for all of that. Stressed at the same time. I'm nervous for the classes I have coming up. I'm in just one now. In 3 weeks I'll have 2 more. I'm going to work on finishing the whole program by next fall. It's a huge undertaking, but I know I can do it. J's working on getting a 2nd job. It'll be rough with having little time to spend with each other, but I'm hoping things will work out where he'll be able to work while I'm in class, so we can still see each other sometimes. :o) It's hard. But I'd rather go through a year of hard work and stress, to have such a huge payoff for a much longer duration.

So for now, I'm taking a few moments here and there to keep myself sane. But it's pretty easy to get wrapped up in everything and have a meltdown. Once we first came home, the meltdowns were often. I think J was a bit shocked with how many tears can come out of one person in such a short time. But now, with planning, it's become a bit more manageable. I'm a planner, it's in my nature. I feel that there's more control, and I'm able to relax more once I know what's going on, in what time frame, and that's what I'm doing. For me and J. We each have our own separate agendas for the next coming months, but we're working together on getting to the same spot. So exciting!!


Hopefully getting somewhere!

Well, after about a month delay, it looks like my grandmother's house is finally selling. She passed away a year ago this September, and after many months of debating, and cleaning, garage sales & craigslist, the house finally went up for sale this summer. It's been in escrow since July. And finally it looks like the buyer has had all the loan approvals come through and I might be on my way of getting out of debt! Small step towards my goal. I've been working on getting out of debt for a few years, but kept creeping back into it. But not this time. Time to grow up, stop saying "oh, I'm young! I deserve some fun!" And time to start thinking about OTHER goals. Just glad to get a little help to jump-start me. :o)


Back to the grind

This is the second week of classes. I was pleasantly surprised last week when we went around the room, offered brief info on ourselves - where we worked, if we were new to the program, and if we worked for the private or public sector. There was an incredible mix of folks. There was a lieutenant from the Santa Monica PD, a realtor, an HR manager, people who worked for the city of LA and surrounding communities, and even someone who just literally moved from Ecuador.

The class is 4 hours long, which is quite daunting. Luckily the teacher is great, and we get a few breaks and some group discussion time to break up the block. In order to do well, I have to seriously maintain the homework. When I went after my bachelor degree a few years ago, I wasn't the best when it came to keeping up with the reading. Luckily I was an excellent note-taker, and that helped me do quite well on the tests. For this class, there are not tests. There's a term paper due at the end of the class, along with an oral presentation regarding your topic for the paper, and smaller class discussions that occur each week. I have a lot going on outside of school right now, but if I keep at it, I know I'll be fine.

Obviously taking time out to blog doens't exactly fit with the school work focus of tonight, but I needed a break. Reading a chapter on politics and charts and everything is a bit overwhelming. My bachelor's degree didn't quite fall in this related spectrum. Actually, it was pretty far from it. I'm learning a whole different world, but I'm excited to open myself up to the new opportunities that will be available once I'm done with this program. And, I can't lie, the (hopefully) huge salary increase. A girl can hope, right?


Just a week left!

Well, only one week till I start classes again. I've got everything ready to go, including all the reading I have to do before I get to class next week. I don't think I've had to do work to prep for the first day. But oh well, can't complain with just one class to attend a week :o)

I also purchased a new laptop this week. Macbook. Quite interesting. I'm still getting used to the different features and what not. I love the photobooth application. It's a lot of fun. Tomorrow J and I head to Colorado for the weekend to visit our friends. I'm excited! We have a lot of tentative plans, and hopefully most (if not all) of them occur.

In following up with the family situation that has recently arouse with my dad & stepmom, I've talked to my sister about her thoughts. I'm a bit frustrated with her at the current moment. After she returned from Europe, he took her out to lunch to talk to her about the recent turn of events. He says the meeting went well. She called me hysterical on the phone. Apparently it brought up all the past thoughts and emotions she's been holding on to since her childhood.

I don't have the same memories and thoughts as she does from our childhood. Things were a bit different for the two of us. Part of the differences are the cause for the recent things she's been going through. But what makes me the most frustrated is the fact that she has all this going on, and won't tell him. She won't say anything. Why? Not sure. But I know it's not healthy. I know this will come up in the future, especially if/when the baby comes home to their house for good. I haven't been able to figure out a good way for her to understand why she needs to talk to him, but I'm still working on it...


What happened?

With the recent turn of events, and separate conversations with J, Shortie, and MJ, I wonder, how's everything changing so fast? How can I better prepare myself for all that's going on, when I don't have control over everything? If I indulge my thoughts and ponder on them long enough, and explore the emotions that correspond, what will the outcome be? Will it help? Will it make things worse? Can I do anything about it?

For most, no. Now that serious talks have emerged about the increasingly possible adoption with my dad and step-mom, it's a big deal. I'm 25, my dad's 51, and my stepmom is 48. Now throw a one year old in the mix. (Ok, side note, obviously I won't be involved in the day to day, but I'm speaking overall.) Imagine for a moment you're living your life, have a serious relationship, going to obtain your master's, and one (or both) your parents tell you they've decided they'd like to start all over.

Not exactly the type of news you'd like to hear. I met the little girl. She's adorable, perfect angel. But how will things be in 5 years? 10 years? 20 years?? I don't want to get too caught up with the question "how will this change my life" because it's selfish. I'm old enough to be on my own. But there are some situations that will definately arise where there will be some internal dialouge occuring. Like the first time she says "dada." That's going to be hard.

I've never thought about all those type of situations. I guess I never thought it'd come up. I know they've wanted to adopt. I just thought by now, they'd have discarded it. In a few years, I'll have my own family, but try explaining how their aunt is only a few years older than them. We wouldn't be shy about the adoption. My dad has made that clear. But I know that they can provide a fabulous life for this little girl. Sure, it'll be different, and in some ways better, than what I grew up with. But I like what I had to go through. It's made me independent, determined, and self-sufficient. A lot more than I can say for others my age. Some are still struggling to "find themselves" and think that a baby, or marriage, or re-living their "college" years will get them to a better place. But it won't. If you haven't figured out the direction of your life by time you're 25, there's not that many years left to wake up and decide. Because maybe by time you find it, you're 35, or 40, and then what? Then you'll be in the same spot as my dad and step mom. Learning that one thing you possibly wanted in life isn't a possibility anymore.

But for now, I just have to wait and see what will happen with my life, and my family's life. This will impact all of us, but most importantly, hers.


Man vs. Wild - fake???

This is upsetting:

Discovery's Wild Storm from the Hollywood Reporter

Diaper duty.....23 years later

My dad and step-mom signed up to be foster parents many years ago. More seriously the process came about 3 years ago. They've gone through all the interviews and classes and have "baby proofed" their house. But, nothing's really come up from it.

Today my dad emails me that they got a call yesterday informing them that they will need to take custody (temporary) of a 1 year old baby girl. Apparently the foster parents have a family crisis about 3 hours south and the foster agency is working on getting the baby reunited with the birth mom - so I guess the kid needs to stay local.

My younger sister is 23 1/2. So, it's been a LOOOOONG time since my dad has had to deal with babies (for more than an afternoon). My step-mom doesn't have any kids (hence the idea of foster/adoption) and it should really be an experience for them. My dad has already told me he's not doing diapers, and he's sleeping in the guest room. I'm going over there on Saturday and it should be filled with a lot of stories!! I wish them the best, but can't imagine how hard it is to be thrown into this sort of situation (basically) overnight.


It's good every once in awhile...

Well, going to LA that is. Hollywood, the every-so glamorous city that seems to host a menagerie of celebrities, celeb-realities, and wannabe celebrities. A group of us headed to Hollywood on Saturday night to celebrate some bdays - for two lovely ladies. But of course, you can't just get ready like you would for a normal night out. No.

So first stop was a new do...hairdo that is. Finally decided to take the plunge and cut off about 5 inches. For a girl, that's a lot. Well, I guess for a guy too. But lordy they shouldn't have 5 inches to cut off! Anyways, J's sister did an amazing job and I'm in love. After visiting the MAC counter and getting ready, I picked up one of the bday girls, N, and we headed to Hollywood.

Got stuck in traffic (gotta love LA!) and made it to the restaurant right on time. Unfortunately, no one else did! We grabbed some margaritas from the bar. We were adventurous. I tried a "blood orange" margarita. Very good! And N got a "prickly pear" margarita. Her's was bright pink! Who knew? Finally one of her friend's showed up, followed by a limo...Apparently the other bday girl had to show up in style too! Although hers was a surprise.

So as we proceed to our table (about 45 minutes after the reservation) the rest of the party shows up. After chips, guacamole, enchiladas, (more) margaritas, and about 500 pictures, we all head out for the evening. This was a short trip up the street to a very random bar. I've never heard of it, but that seriously doesn't say much. I never go to Hollywood. Never. I think the last time I went there was over a year ago. Just too much for me. I enjoy hanging out at home with friends and booze, or a dive bar. But don't like spending money to park everywhere, $10 drinks, expensive food, and wearing uncomfortable shoes. But for nights like this, I coax myself into going. But seriously, I had fun.

Where was J through all of this you ask? At home. He (really) doesn't like going out to places like these, so he stayed in with the Godfather. Which is fine with me. Sometimes it's good to have a night out with the girls!


Can 10 minutes change your life?

This week, I decided to make a small change, and see how it works. When I was at the store on Friday after work, I bought some breakfast stuff. I never eat breakfast. Breakfast for me is coffee at work. 2 cups usually. Sometimes 3 depending on the morning...

So I wanted to see how breakfast could change my life. Just a small thing to do, and everyone says it's the most important meal of the day. So, I set my alarm to go off 10 minutes early....at 6:30.

On Monday, I woke up, showered, got dressed, and had breakfast. I ate a bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats. I've always loved that cereal. Crunchy and sweet. And plus it's probably good for you. And their commercials are hilarious! I think Tylenol tried to steal the jovial spirit with their "i love making tylenol" commericals. Anyways.

So I noticed on Monday at work, I only had 1 cup of coffee. But it was a bit rushed that day. So no big change. On Tuesday, J had to get up early for work and so even though my alarm went off at 6:30, I couldn't get in the shower till 6:40. I skipped breakfast this morning. I realized mid-day I could have gotten up and had breakfast BEFORE my shower. But that just didn't seem right.

Wednesday came, and I had breakfast again! I noticed I wasn't so starved by 10:30. Normally at that time, when the stomach starts growling, I go for another cup of coffee to subside the noise. Oh, and I actually got to work by 8am. Not normal for me.

Today is Thursday. I'm really liking having breakfast. And, for whatever reason, I seem to have much more time in the morning, despite getting up ONLY 10 minutes earlier.

So, in short. Set your alarm for 10 minutes early, and don't hit snooze. And eat something!

hi mj.


Man vs. Wild

Have you ever watched that show? It's crazy. That guy has some ginormous testicles. Anyone who chooses to be dumped in the middle of nowhere with a knife, flint, and cup is pretty daring.

J and I started watching this a few weeks ago. Actually, he found it, but I just wasn't interested. He told me how great it was, and finally, I gave in. This guy is so brilliant! I watch with amazement how he finds stuff to eat, plants to use for medical aid, shelter, sometimes even transportation! One episode he drank his own pee to stay hydrated and another he used it to keep him warm at night.

With the first few episodes I saw, he was in a warm climate. It reminded me somewhat of survivor - and how most of their locations are tropical and warm. Mainly because they're afraid of what would happen to those people in a cold climate. Well, after watching him tackle the elements on Sunday's airing, I know people can survive cold too! He skinned a dead deer to have a blanket. I learned how they do it, without getting all bloody (who knew?). Also learned how to get out of a marsh, how to make Pine Needle tea, and snow can sometimes help keep you warm (really??)

So learn somethings. In case you ever get dropped off in the middle of nowhere in a cold cold place! With nothing to eat!


Addicted to World Pop Culture

I know I got the name wrong. I appologize. But our friend, CM, showed up tonight. He's in between moving to San Fran for law school and being stuck in our valley. And he's bored. So he showed up.

J and I have been watching the series on VH1 on pop culture. We watched it last year, and it was exciting. Well, maybe that's not the right word....But we were interested. I mean, a quiz show where it's real people - count us in!

This year we've been tivo'ing all of them, and on some nights, turned them into our own competition. Since they're all tivo'd, we compete against each other. I'd suggest others to take note, but, well, the last episode aired tonight. Oh well. But here's what we did...

Because we live together (and our lives are OH so exciting), we'd compete against each other. We'd let Pat (yes, first name basis) read the question, then pause it. If it was my turn to go first, I'd respond, and J'd give a back-up answer. We hit play. Whoever was right got a point. At the end of the game, whoever lost had to do the shitty before bed rituals. Ours? Turning off all the lights and making sure the AC was set at a good temperature. (good lord, we're boring. lol).

So, tonight, we thought we'd "spice" things up and get CM involved. So far, J's winning. we're up for the last part of the competition. And, of course, I'm on Team J! all the way!

And ps. don't play this game if your brain cells seem to run and hide after a bit of alcohol. lol

Where's the cortisone?

J and I got the itch again - to visit Colorado. So, we both searched our calendars for the perfect weekend, well, LONG weekend......We settled upon mid August to go visit our friends in Colorado. C&J moved there last August. We ventured there with some other friends during the holiday season (celebrated New Year's there) and really enjoyed it. Of course it snowed, and it was cold, but even that didn't bother us. Bizarre, huh?

So, we decided that we need to see them during the summer, when it's warm. I hope to get outside a lot (maybe even con my cousin who lives there to take us out on her boat) and just enjoy a lovely summer get-away. It is much different than my sister's get-away, but I know we'll have just as much fun. We miss C&J very much, and I know they're just as excited!


Happy Anniversary

Well, 11 years ago, my mom, sister, and I packed up our uhaul and moved to our lovely town we now call home. Compared to where I grew up, this is paradise. But, also full of expensive, rich taste, people, stores, cars, homes, etc.

But back then, I was just about to start high school. Actually, before we made the decision to move here, I had already enrolled and was accepted into a high school down there. I was going from a catholic elementary school to a catholic high school. In fact, it was the same one my mom and dad attended, and also my cousin. I remember walking around that place - so old. Everything (my mom said) looked exactly as she had left it about 20 years before. She showed me the room where she took home-ec and sewed her own corduroy jumpsuit (we also found this when we were packing. My lord the 70s were hideous).

So, when we moved up here, I knew only my family. My aunt, uncle, and 3 cousins lived 5 minutes away. And you knew this because every morning that summer my aunt would show up to "motivate" us to unpack. Ya, nothing like being 14 and being excited to unpack!

That summer I also did volleyball camp. That was a problem. I wasn't very good at it. I had bruises on my hips for weeks and ended up not making it. Which is probably a good thing. I knew 1 person on my first day of high school - a girl I met in volleyball camp. I don't think she made it either. Can't remember. But it was quite a shock going from elementary school (practically the same 30 people in my class for the 8 years I was enrolled) to about 600 kids in my freshman class. That campus was massive, but everything was brand new.

The best thing was I no longer had to wear a uniform. I was able to buy and wear whatever I chose. Which, at sometimes, was difficult. I did miss not having to think about what I wore to school every day. But, I loved the opportunity to be an individual and wear whatever.

Looking back I have mixed feelings about high school. I enjoyed it, participated in lots of clubs and activities. I attended almost all the dances, the football games, and the pep rally's. I had some freedom, less worries, and always looked forward to the summer. Of course now, I have money to do things, but also the stress of bills, rent, full-time job, etc. If only we could take some of the carefree parts of high school and mix them in with the "now" to balance things out.


Watch out Europe!

So, my sister and long time family friend left yesterday for Europe for about 3 weeks. They're splitting their time between Greece and Italy. Today, she sent an email out while at the airport (didn't fly directly to Greece) and wow. Just wow. Europe sure is in for a trip with these two girls. So far the friend, N, has been yelled at for being on the wrong side of the escalator, almost got hit by a taxi, and both almost missed both flights to get to London in the first place. And they've only been in Europe for about a day. lol.

These two...they're going to give my mother a heart attack. But hopefully they'll start assimilating themselves a bit more and become more careful!


Time to be a techie....

I've been working all week to try to increase my signal strength on my internet. It's been quite the challenge. J and I've been dealing with a weak signal for the past year, but I think it's finally getting to the point where we're just tired of it.

First I bought a newer wireless router. It claimed to be 10x the signal strength and speed of the basic g model (which is what we have). While it didn't really increase the range much, it did help a bit and worked much faster.

Then I searched online to see what other options we had to utilize. There was a menagerie of stories, reviews and blogs about what you can use. Unfortunately, there was a lot of contradiction on the sites. I contacted Circuit City on Thursday to see what they have to offer. I bought a range extender (also sometimes known as a repeater) and the folks at Circuit City actually had it set up in their store. The only possible problem was that the brands of the router and the extender were different. But, they said it should work.

After about an hour of messing around with it, and messing up some of my settings, I went from having a weak signal, to no signal, and then got it back. But the extender didn't work. It wasn't showing up. I did some live chat with their tech service through the company. It was helpful for the most part. The person was working to help me configure it manually instead of using the automatic setup disk that just wasn't cutting it. After 2 hours, and losing service 3 times, I called it a night.

Today I tried again. Success! I could find the extender, set it up how I needed it to be, but one small (and confusing) problem...My wireless on my computer said I had an excellent signal strength (yay!) but I coudn't connect to the internet! It said that (even though 4 bars showed up) I had "little or no signal." And, after trying a bunch of different configurations, I still can't get it to work. So back to the drawing board!


Do guys dig scars?

Yesterday I had a follow-up for a mole I had removed a bit ago - and it was found to be precancerous. So, with yesterday's check up, the doctor said he could see some cells growing back. So, after 2 shots of anesthetic (he said my skin's resiliant!) and lots of tears later (I couldn't help it) I finally again, had the mole removed. Hopefully I won't ever have to go through that again. It was so painful.

Because he wanted to go down further, and cut out as much of the cells as possible, I'm now the proud owner of some scars. Well, just one to be exact. Yes, I'm 25 years old and this is my first official "scar." I have about 3 or so stitches behind my knee. I walk like a gimp right now (I don't want them to pull out!). And I also had another mole shaved off on my scalp. Good times, huh?

When I told my mom, she said the moles is from my "dad's side." How easy it is to blame these imperfections on him! And when I told my dad, he said "well, we have moles, but your mom's side does too!". I see a pattern here - Blame game anyone?

It was just one thing after another yesterday. I was relieved when I was able to call it a day at work and just head home. I finally finished all those reports (another one magically appeared in my inbox late yesterday....) and I've done my good task for the week. Or it's the third, fourth, or fifth.....


Need a minute to unwind...

Well, today has been one of the top 10 worst days at work. I was given a pile of reports to verify and update. And of course, they need them yesterday. It humors me how they wait till the final second to get the info. And reference (multiple times) how important it is to hurry up and finish.

My boss asked me if I wanted to know what the reports were for. I said no. Personally, unless it has anything to do with me making more money, I don't care. Is that a bad attitude? I don't care. I'm tired, my eyes hurt, I have more to do tomorrow, and my new computer arrived today. And since I'm such a nice employee, I'm not even bothering our IT guy to put my stuff on there. Yup, doing it myself. I wonder if I could charge a $200 fee? Probly not.


Luckiest day ever?

Well, maybe for the next 1000 years. I know of a lot of people who headed to Vegas for the weekend. But at rooms ranging from $300+ a night, I prefer to stay home. And what service! J woke me up to pancakes, eggs, and coffee. He hasn't done that in forever. And they were so yum.

Last night we went and saw Live Free or Die Hard. It was good, lots of crazy stunts and stuff that obviously wouldn't happen in the real world. But it was nice to see a good action film. I believe this is the last Die Hard that will be made. But who knows, guys like that (Bruce Willis, Harrison Ford...) like to make the movies that made them famous back in the day. As long as it will be a good movie, go ahead. But, if it's just to make another one, and the writing/acting/stunts suck...Just leave it alone.

This weekend is the final hurrah for some of J's friends. One's heading away to school and another is finally going to relocate to this super small town on the central coast. His wife's been there for almost a year now, but he has been here working and trying to get their home sold. Finally, after a year's worth of work and waiting, they finally sold it and can move up there. Of course all the guys give him a hard time. This town is not known for much. But we told him it's a great time to invest in some flannel plaid shirts, shit kickers, and cowboy hats. And belt buckles :o) He's defiantely not that type. But I know J will be sad again. Just a year ago his best friend moved away and that was pretty tough. Even though they all joke, I know they're all quite sad. Another chapter of their lives have ended, but together the ones remaining will work on a new adventure.

Hopefully involving less craziness. But the craziest of them all are the ones still here!


Are you kidding me??

Today - Friday. Of a holiday week. Should be nice, easy. NOPE.

You've got to be f-ing kidding me. Today, I come in to a manager refusing to obey CA labor laws. I've got a guy who's fallen off the face of the earth (yes, it seems to be a reoccurring story). And then just now, I get a call from a new hire. She was supposed to start Monday, but the manager asked to push it back to the 16th. The recruiter told me she'd call the girl to tell her. But nope, didn't happen. So I had to tell her. Like a rambling idiot. I hate flakes.

But, so the disappearing guy. We've been working with him for a month now, but he was a little slow at first to do everything. Then, it was quickly approaching the time he was supposed to start. I was making calls, the recruiter, and the recruiter's boss. He sent everything in but one thing. We've been after that for the whole week. Today we made the decision he couldn't start on Monday. But, lo and behold, guess who calls me? 3 o'clock on a Friday. The guy. Ya, apparently, his current employer countered, and he's staying there. I guess that he just is a real pain and didn't want to tell us sooner. So now we get to call the manager. I don't like people with shitty ethics like that. I wish I could call his current boss to explain his work ethic. But no, not gonna waste any time on him!

Bring on the weekend. Finally some fun in the sun - going to relax at the beach on Sunday with friends, bbq, and beer. Try the Heineken light, it's super yum.



I survived the 4th of July. The party on the 3rd was definitely one of the bests. That block really knows how to entertain. They had a huge bounce house for the kids on the street (and time out for the drunk 20-somethings at night) and then a huge inflatable water slide. Man! Jealous!

But the best part was hanging out with friends, reminiscing about old times. Talking about high school, the things we liked, the funny stories that happened on a particular new years and just everything since then. It's so easy to get stuck on things like that. The next night one of the guys kept wishing and hoping he could go back - life was much easier, no bills, no debt, and good times. Of course, we seem to forget the shitty stuff that happened. Boy drama, girl drama, having no money for anything, not being able to drive, not being able to drink (although some probly did. I didn't till I was out of high school), and of course, rules.

My mom wasn't too bad with the rules. My sister and I didn't really have any. Maybe it was her guilt of us coming from a divorced household. Or it was maybe her way of not being like her mom growing up. She came from a strict family and never really went anywhere. My dad and her started dating in high school, and I know there are stories of them having fun and going out, but nothing too crazy.

I wonder how I'll be as a parent. Will I be strict, or even more relaxed since I wasn't raised with many rules or restrictions? Will I be the "fun" mom, the caring one, or the aloof one? who knows. I have a long time to worry about that!


4th of July

Let the partying begin! Amongst the million degree heat everyone in this town is suffering through, it always helps to imagine the bbqs, the parties, the drinking :)

Since HS, Shortie's family - actually neighborhood - throw a party every 4th of July. Since we graduated, they've tapered from roaring events, to just a few houses participating. Last year, it was (for the most part) scratched and we all headed to a Dodger game (way fun). But, this year, it was resurrected. But, they're smart, and it's tonight instead of tomorrow. Why? Because, well, we all love to party, which includes drinking, and staying up late, and why would you do that when you have to go to work the next day? So, tonight we'll be gathering up the wieners, the hamburgers, chips, dip, fruit, cookies, mmmm. And alcohol. Poor Shortie - she can't party that much. She's learning dancing is somewhat a challenge as her "bump" grows. SO CUTE!

But I'm sure with the drunken menageries we can figure something out - some way for her to get her groove on. And tomorrow - more bbq-ing. This time, different location, with a view of the town's fireworks. Then back to work. But I am enjoying this day and a half off. :o)


You've got to be kidding me....

I'm bored at work (again) and started looking hrough the Lucky Magazine chat forums.....I came across one post that is bugging me.

Someone posted "What's in your purse!" and started off talking about every damn thing in her purse. I've never been so bothered/disgusted. I mean, yes, I have a coach purse/wallet/blah blah blah - but to put all that online cuz it's "something to do?"

It's pretty much along the same guidelines as the other one i found last week "What are you wearing!" People would even discuss the name/color/shade of makeup they had on. It was just as horrific as watching the Paris Hilton interview last night that I don't know why I watched. I really don't know why.


I'm not here for your entertainment...

I've been dealing with stupid people on the phone today. Or maybe it's the heat that's causing the irritation. It's almost 100 today. Luckily I work indoors. Thank GOD. I can't believe it's almost July. Next week is the 4th of July (and awesome block party with Shortie's neighbors) and the summer season (for me at least) is finally here. I know it's been hot and everything for awhile. But I soon might be dusting off the bbq and have some people over. But then again, it's much more fun to go to someone else's house (use up their AC! lol).

That's one thing I'm not looking forward to. Last year the bill was over $100 each month. I'm working on saving money, but I refuse to suffer in a hot house. Last night I didn't get home till 9-ish, so by then you could just open the windows and let the breeze in.

My co-worker came back this week. Yesterday actually. I told her about how we're working with India and she has similar thoughts on it. We still just can't understand why he's so supportive of it, other than the fact it'll bring in revenue. But I'm still bothered.

In other "fun" news - I bought the new Kelly Clarkson cd last night. So far, so good. The last song on there is a bit....different. But I like the sounds on the songs. A few are pretty different. But I know I'll grow to like them - that's what happens with a cd. You get it, start playing it. But the songs are unfamiliar and you're not sure if you are really into it. Over time, you learn the words, the music is more familiar, and then you can't get it out of your head. Only 40 more minutes till I can hear it again on my drive home. woo hoo. And hey - thibank yibou fibor yibour pibatribonibage.


I need 1 more day off.....

It's monday, I'm at work, and I could really use a day off. I know I just had 2 off. But 1 more isn't too much to ask ~ is it?

Friday night I saw Knocked Up. That is one of THEEEE funniest movies I've ever seen. I also got some sun on Saturday, had a girl's night in that night (ate A LOT!) and then yesterday relaxed and had dinner with my mom & sis.

But why am I so tired? Don't know. Maybe it's all this heat. Heat makes me want to sleep. I woke up today also, with a horrible headache. So that's not fun. Plus I got an invite to a friend's bridal/wedding shower that's in 3 weeks, and not really a lot of time to find an inexpensive flight to go up north.

Shortie, me, and our men have already booked our hotel for the wedding that's in October. We're hoping Shortie can make it - she'll be 8 months pregnant at the time. But we found some great rates on a hotel because of the advance notice. With the wedding shower, Shortie doesn't think she can make it, another friend (who I was hoping to stay with up north) will be out of town....and the flights are more than I would have expected. So, at this rate, I think I have to decline. I just wish I had an extra week or two notice to reserve a great deal. But I know it's not the bride's fault - she's not planning it ;o)

And what the hell happened to 2007? Next week is the 4th of July? How did that happen? But, I did get my FAFSA filled out to pay for grad school. They apparently think I can afford to pay $13k a year for school. LOL. ya right! Loans - here I come!


Mixed thoughts...

Last week, we started getting calls from India. But my boss actually took them. Apparently this company out there does recruiting and offers a 3 day trial to see if you like what they can find. You send them an open position, they'll pull resumes and send them to you. If you like the selection, and you feel they are good candidates, then after the 3 days you can hire them...for $11/hr.

My boss talked with our VP to see about trying them out. They decided to give them a 3 month long contract. When we started getting calls from India, my co-worker and I had our own thoughts on it...But we thought maybe my boss wouldn't like them after 3 days and drop it.

But no. So now they're recruiting for us. And I don't believe this is right. I told him. I said that in my opinion, I don't agree with it. He replied that they can help us keep our jobs. But at what cost? I mean, so many people lose their jobs here because of out-sourcing to India. I mean, we work with some of these folks to find them new jobs because they lost their old ones. While I would like to keep my job, I don't necessarily agree with the path we're taking to get that done.


My shredder is possessed

My shredder at work just started going off by itself. I think it's possessed.

Make way for the student!

Well, I had a great interview yesterday and was accepted into the program. Registration for classes is in July. And the way the actual class times are set up is pretty cool. The program was created many years back. It was a small program at first, and there's not much funding that is provided by the state. So, a few years back, the department was receiving pressure to increase the size of the program to balance the demand for those wanting to enroll. They couldn't afford to bring on any more staff, so they did something different.

Instead of having each class last 15 or so weeks, they cut them all down to 8 or 9 weeks (each class only meets once a week). They were then able to have the class go weeks 1-8, and then 9-16 to allow double the students - and having the teachers show up the same amount of time. So, I'll only have one class at a time - 1 the first half, and then another the 2nd half. I might do 3 classes for Spring - I'm going to see how it goes for Fall. But I'm very excited!

In the next few weeks, I'll be receiving the official notice of acceptance, register for financial aid, get student loans (again), contact my loan company to say that i need a deferment (yay!) and then buy my book(s) and also get a new laptop. I've decided that mine I have is too large to transport (it has a 17.5" screen...) so I'm selling it, and then going to buy a macbook. Through the bookstore, the laptop itself is about 250 less than buying it from apple (student discounts) and I can also purchase software at a discounted price.

Oh, I can't wait to shop! I'm such a nerd for these kinds of things. Office supplies - love it!

Also, yesterday I finally went to the DMV and ordered my new license with out the restriction for corrective lenses! It felt so nice to take the little eye exam! Nerd again, I know. But now at least it's proof that I have normal eyeballs!



Well, tonight I spent preparing for the interview tomorrow for the MPA program. I finished up my statement of purpose - which was actually a bit more difficult than I expected. E$ and Shortie helped me out. I just felt like everything I was writing was really awkward. J told me I was just over-analyzing. But I can't help it. It's sort of in my nature.

So, I emailed it again one last time to E$ and Shortie. Then I got sucked into the web. I started checking myspace, sending Shortie comments, looking at blogs, all kinds of things. It was just so difficult to focus on the task at hand. But I managed. I wrote out some answers to questions I might hear. It seems funny. But it helps to bring your mind to a particular time or event or something that you can recall. The one thing E$ asked me about was to tell an interesting/funny story thing. Something that isn't too awkward or corny. I'm still working on that one. I do love our wedding story - parts make it funnier (like when my new pants busted open at the zipper - and we couldn't get them off...And did I mention this happened outside and I had to walk about 50 feet to get inside to the bride's room? Ya...that was fun).

But I have a few things in mind. And I have my little portfolio/padfolio thing with all the documents I need. I have my outfit in mind. I am going to get it all ready before I head to bed. I need some extra time in the morning...Today I couldn't get my ass out of bed before 7am. So that can't happen tomorrow!


One step closer...

Got the paperwork on Saturday for the MPA program....And I've scheduled my interview for 10am on Wednesday. Looks like I won't have to take the GRE (yay) and just have to finish up my Statement of Purpose letter. Fun times!


I'd like a do-over

I wish I didn't get out of bed today. Maybe if I slept in really late, it would have been a better day. Not that it's horrible. But it's not good. I'm getting bothered pretty easily. Manager's being impatient, realizing I forgot to send out some emails yesterday, my sister sending me stupid IMs, just not too fun. And what's worse - we got paid today. Even THAT can't put me in a better mood.

I think it started last night. Well, not last night, but the afternoon? I had such a great day with the excitement of grad school. Then I got a call from my cousin about our other cousin (not his sister) and how she put up these disgusting pics of herself on myspace. I really don't want to get into the history of why we don't really like her anyways ~ but it just bothered me. Then I go home, and I tell J how I'm needy. He says he'll be nice. lol. But no. I ended up making all the dinner. Partly because I just wanted to do it in quiet. He watched tv. We ate. Oh, I think we almost had an argument. But he wanted to avoid it cuz he knew I was just looking for one (that happens when I'm grumpy).

So, the rest of the night went ok. We ate, watched the first Pirates of the Caribean movie (tonight's number two). My alarm went off at 6:40, but I wasn't feeling it. I re-set it for 7. When that went off, I got up, my head hurt, and crawled back into bed next to him. He asked me if I was ok. I said no, my head hurts.

A few minutes later I get up, take a shower, get ready for work. I get to my car, realize I forgot to take out the tri-tips for Father's day (I know, too soon, but my mom swears I needed to take them out this morning), go back and finally get on my way. While driving to the freeway, my gas light goes on. Crap. It's already 8 and I'm still not at the freeway (normally I am practically at work by then). I get gas, and just keep thinking "Coffee's only a few minutes away."

But then I realize, I used the last of the creamer yesterday. Shit. So, I stop at the store. I finally get to work around 8:35. That's pretty late for me. It was just a downward spiral from there. People were just bothering me left and right. So, now it's 4pm, and I'm going home. And I'm going to open a bottle of wine.


Keep the good news coming!

Well, after I made public my decision to go back to school, I started looking more into the program, emailing contacts on the website, all that fun stuff. I also learned that there is a cohort program (same group of students going through the program, attending all the same classes) at the community college by my house. I emailed a person there (pulled the name/email from the site) and she wrote back the next morning that she sent it to the director from the college. I thanked her, then asked if she knew if there was a cohort starting in fall or spring. I was shocked when she replied back saying "Please refer to email below." She wouldn't even take 5 seconds to answer me??? Why was her name on the site as a contact when she wouldn't even help me? Man. Flakey!

So, I sent an email to a person who works directly through the college (not the community college). She was very nice, told me she sent me the packet in the mail, and that "yes" there was still time to enroll for Fall. How is that possible? I have no idea. Most departments have already stopped enrollment for the fall and moved on to those for the spring. So, either they still have room, or they just do things differently? I'm not going to complain.

So, I have this great opportunity right at my feet, practically. I will be completing whatever I need to as soon as possible. I will have to apply (again) for student loans - but can't until I'm accepted. I'm going to take out extra money to pay off my credit cards, buy a new laptop, and other misc. supplies. It just seems too easy/good to be true. Time will tell, but I'm very excited! J has also been thinking of going back, but he can't jump into it as quickly/easily as me. But he'll get there, I'm sure of it!


I might be crazy

But I'm seriously considering going back to school. After attending my sister's graduation, I realized how much I sorta missed it. Then with the job opportunity, I realized I need to get more experience to ensure that when I do decide to make the leap, I want to make sure I'd get the job. What better way then with your Master's? So, I started looking online to see what would be the best route for my career in HR. E$ suggested an MBA. I looked it up online and got seriously intimidated. The course load looked way intense. I have no idea about any of it. I mean, I majored in psychology. It's light years away from the type of business classes I'd have to take. But, I printed out and saved some info to help make my decision.

After dinner tonight, I went to look some more online. I saw that there was another option. There's a program that's and MPA. It's Masters in Public Administration. It's designed for people working in the following fields:

  • Business/Healthcare administration
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Public Safety
  • Social Welfare

So, since I fall into that third category there, I'm going to apply. Plus the great part is that there isn't pre-requisites, except that you've had at least 2 years of work in an appropriate field. I don't know when I can start. If they'd let me start in the fall, I'd do it. I think the program is about 2 1/2 years, so I want to get started as soon as possible! I can't believe I'm going to go back to school. So scary, but so exciting at the same time...


Just quick thoughts..

It's almost lunch time, so here's the quick list of this past weekend, and what's going on....more later when I have caught up from being out of the office on Friday....

  • Small towns have their advantages. IE - cheap, but good, food. Case in point - on Saturday E$ and I went to have breakfast at the local airport...It's only really for those people with lil 2 seater planes. Both of us ate for 10 bucks (and it was goooooood).
  • Watch out in Indianapolis - While eating dinner, we saw this guy across the street grab his face as a huge group of people walked past him. Turns out one of them hit him in the face and just kept walking....I later found out this happened to another guy (friend of a friend) - but he was driving in his car! Watch out!
  • Shopping to kill time is dangerous. E$ and I spent some time on Sunday at the Indianapolis mall...more specifically - Nordstroms. Luckily it all fit in my suitcase & carry-on!
  • LAX - even busy at 10pm on Sunday! When our plane (finally) landed last night, we got stuck circling around on the tarmac because there were no available gates for us to pull into. Finally around 11 we were able to off-load by the Delta planes (we were flying Continental).

The major thing that I have to report is that I did decide to go ahead and apply for that job in HR. I worked with E$ on revising and updating my resume. I think I'll either apply tonight or tomorrow. I sincerely doubt I'll even get a call back, but it never hurts to try!


Survived the flight(s)

Well, I boarded the plane last night at 10:45, slept about 2 hours (and not good sleep, I'll explain in a bit). Landed in Cleveland, and boarded a "puddle hopper" plane that seats about 25 people...That was a bit scary. I've never been in a plane so small. It was a bit intimidating, but I made it through. It's 8pm Central time, and I'm still awake. I think we're even going to make it to a movie.

So, on the first flight, I was sitting next to this annowing Tawaiinese (sp?) lady. She spoke very broken english, and didn't sleep at all. She mosturized her face, put on makeup, ruffled with a plastic bag (for what seemed like 30 minutes), she kept hitting my foot. It was a bit unnerving. She didn't even seem to care that I was sleeping.

But so far, this place is gorgeous. Experienced some pretty bad humidity today. When we landed, it was all overcast, and so I thought that meant it was cold too. Nope! It was humid, and gross. We ate at Cracker Barrel and that was a cute place. Delicious bacon. I don't know how they cooked it, but it was awesome! We walked around her college (literally a half a block away) and they have a castle there! It's incredible. It's covered in ivy and there's even little white christmas lights that they turn on during the winter. It's very nostalgic. All of the places I've ever gone to school don't have this sort of charisma. Can't wait to see some of the downtown area tomorrow and then Indianapolis!


The final countdown....

I leave for my flight to Illinois in about 8 hours. I haven't been on a flight longer than 1-2 hours in over 7 years. Scary. And I picked a seat right by an emergency exit. There was this whole thing I was supposed to read about my "responsibilities" should we need to use me. Um, ya, I just clicked "next" real fast. I hope the flight attendants know what to do!

I'm flying out of LAX tonight. It's probably one of the worst airports in America. I usually try to avoid this at all costs. But the air fares are usally cheaper if you're travelling long distances. But, I'll get there about 2 1/2 hours early. Should be plenty of time to get myself through security and situated somewhere. I hopefully can find the gate pretty easily!

But, before I fly out, I have to make a call. It's my second call like this of the week. The dreaded "your job is over" call. The one earlier this week went ok. But the guy's a pretty nice guy, and he's getting some notice and we're helping him find a local job. But this girl, she was the one who didn't show up to work for a few days, is being let go. It's hard because I spoke with her in depth back then about what was going on. And I feel for her. I mean, my mom went through much a similar life. But, sometimes you have to work hard to keep both your work life and your family life going smooth, and not let one affect the other so much.

On a much happier note, yesterday I went on a search for one of those "traveler" pillows - the U shaped ones that you wear so you can fall asleep on planes. E$ recommended it. I didn't find that, but I did find some Reef flip flops. I bought these, but all white. Very comfy. I enjoyed my purchase. And, my mom found the pillow for me, so I'll be sleeping like a baby (hopefully!). Have a great weekend!


Trying not to jinx it....

Well, I woke up this morning to a bit of a scratchy throat. My co-worker suggested it could be due to the odd weather we had yesterday - it was cold & cloudy. The day before it was sunny & warm, as it is today. I'm hoping it is that. But just in case, I took a benedryl on my lunch break....and now I'm starting to feel the effects! Eeeks. Quite a weird feeling. I hope I'm not actually sick, because I fly out tomorrow night to visit E$. I heard being sick on a plane (congested) isn't fun. I can attest that flying while hungover is an EXTREMELY bad idea. Yes, I learned the hard way...


Just one more night....

Finally after tonight I'll be able to not sleep or be alone again! It seriously sucks. J is having the same sort of luck. He said he doesn't like sitting by himself in the room, with no one to talk to, no guitar to play, no music to listen to. He's decided he can never be a travelling salesman. lol. That is so beyond his normal nature anyways - but it's cute that he came to that conclusion.

Today he was up at the Capitol Clear Speak 2007 - Each year Sacramento welcomes up all the radio stations from across the state to meet with assemblymen, media, even the Governator himself. J was able to get a minute with him this afternoon - which he's extremely excited about. I was too. It's cool he got to meet with the guy who signed our diplomas from college, and who was in one of our fave movies - Kindergarten Cop. That movie cracks me up.

Last night I avoided going to sleep until after 11. I got stuck watching Sex and the City. I never watch that with J around. Before we started dating, I had just gone through a break-up and was watching the whole series on dvd. I think that this is a regular thing women go through. Break up, watch Carrie and the girls. It's therapy - and much easier on the wallet than Retail Therapy. Anyways, he swore (before we even thought about dating) that he'd never watch that with me. I laughed, because I had no clue that the scenario could even possibly ever arise. Anyways, so last night, I put it on. I tried resorting back to the college days when I fell asleep with the tv on (Shortie taught me this bad habit). But I couldn't do it. It was distracting me. Part of the problem was that when I would hear something funny (Friends was on after), I would look at the screen and start watching. See, before I had Lasik, I would go to sleep with the tv on, and I couldn't watch it because that would involve reaching over, getting my glasses, putting them on, and watching. By that time, the joke was over and the scene also. So now that there are no more glasses, it's easier to get hooked into watching it for 2 minutes, or 5 or 10 or 30. So, I had to turn it off.

It's so funny how habits that we thought we'd always have just end up disappearing, or you "get over it." Like, before I'd always leave the laundry for the last possible chance. I could have gone for 3 weeks without it. Usually I had to end up doing it because I had no more room for my dirty clothes. Never thought I'd be turned on to doing the ritual weekly. Also, I'd always eat ice cream. I always had some in the freezer. Now, we barely eat it. I'll have a container in the freezer forever, and by time I remember about it, it's all freezer burned. What else. Oh, I used to always be online - AIM. Now, it's only when I'm at work. Why? Because when I'm at home, I'm with J. I don't chat online. I used to, and it would piss him off. He'd wonder why I'd sit online when we could be hanging out. I get the point now. I'd sneak off into the cyber world instead of just laying around, flipping channels. Now we do that all the time. One channel we love - the travel channel. And learning about cruises. Seems like now that we've gone on one, we want to know all the inner-workings. It's pretty cool actually. How many tons of trash they have, and recycling, and how they have constant power for all the rooms. I am a geek for that kind of stuff.


Kinda Lonely....

I took J to the airport this morning. He is up in Sacramento for a few days. He'll be home Tuesday, but it's kinda lonely around here. Most of the afternoon/night was kinda normal. I mean, he does sometimes keep busy and I'm alone. But he always comes home. But not tonight. Or tomorrow night. We were thinking back on the last time I was the one left here alone. I've left him a few times. I know he missed me. But I think there's just something different with me being home. I know I'll be safe. But it's just different. It'll be a lonely two nights. Can't wait for him to come home! But then, 2 nights later, it's my turn to leave - going to visit E$. So then I guess he'd be the one sitting here, in our place, alone.



My cousin sent me an email today. It's a job posting for our city for a position in HR. I doubt I'm even qualified for it. I read over the description, the job duties, and I know I could learn and do a great job, but I also don't think I know enough to even be considered.

I'm torn because I have so much going on with my work, so many contacts, relationships, obligations. I like my work environment, like my boss & co-workers. But I also never want to be stuck. I've had 2 major jobs in my life that lasted a number of years. In hs, I worked at a toy store for about 2 years. I loved being there. When I graduated and moved away, I was able to come home and work on breaks. When their management structure changed, I left.

After that, I got a job in retail. I worked when I was in college up north, and then relocated when I got back here. I was promoted, and stayed there for the rest of college. Well, most of it. In my last semester, I got a great opportunity for a new position at a different retail chain, much better pay, and so I did it. When I got there, I realized I hated it. My work ethic was much differently than theirs. I worked hard, they liked to hardly work. That frustration led to me quitting to get my current job.

This summer, it'll be 3 years that I've worked there. My job duties seem to grow all the time. I like that. I like the challenges and the different things I do. But right now with our main customer, we're at a changing point. The next few months will tell a lot.

I'm only 25, and I know that there's a huge world out there for me. I get scared thinking that I'll eventually have to grow up and move out into a different type of work environment. I can't always have a job where I can work in jeans and flip flops. I'll have to be one day in a more corporate environment. But it's so scary. I want to get myself into the HR field. I believe that's what I want to do. When I got into this job, I told my boss about that. He's been supportive with that goal. Unfortunately, work's so busy that I often don't have the time to enroll in a class or a weekend training to learn more and apply accordingly. But I know I can't stay in the same spot forever. And that's kind of unnerving.


Please Wait While Page Loads

Today's been quite a busy Friday. I've had barely any time to chat on ims or look at TMZ.com. That's sad. You should always have a free minute or two each hour to inspect these. And keep a conversation going on AIM.

I've been waiting on a website to start working again for the past 2 hours. Yesterday, I needed to use the website, but it wasn't working. I figured, oh well I'll do it tomorrow.... It's tomorrow, and now that I have time, it's not working! I've done what I can without it, but it's slowly approaching 5 o'clock, and I have a whole evening of busy things to do.

Tomorrow is (finally) my sister's graduation party from college. She decided last month that she'd like to have a party. She asked my dad and step-mom if we can have it at their house. They said yes. She told my mom, and that started the huge fight of the month.

You see, it's not that my mom hates them (dad & step-mom), or that we didn't ask to have it at her house (well, her's and my sister's - they live together). It was that my sister didn't ask. At all. Last year, when my grandma died, my mom went to the funeral (it was my dad's mother), and then to my dad and step-mom's house after the service. She was extremely nervous/hesistant to go. She hadn't really been around them for that long in many years, and never before to their house.

She was able to brave it that day (mainly due to moral support from her best friend, plus her sister was there too - and wine). She knew it was something she had to do - as most of the people there she hadn't seen in years because of the divorce.

So, with this party, it was now another territory problem. I know my sister should have tried to figure out a more neutral location, but my dad's house was utilized well for my grandma's thing, and so this would be better since it's spring. (although note to self - it sure looks really ugly outside. Weird haziness, but hot).

So, I told her that J and I will drive down with her, stay with her, and then she can leave and we'll stay behind to clean so she doesn't have to go through any not-needed awkwardness. I can understand why she doesn't want to go. I wouldn't want to go to my ex's. I wouldn't want to see the nice house he has, the pool, the things inside....Ever since the divorce (and the legal separation that happened about 6 years prior to the actual divorce) her life has been so hard. Never caught a break. Always in debt up to her eyeballs. Finally, she got out of it, then, she hurt her back, was unemployed for about 9 months, and she's back where she was before. She doesn't own a home, and she just doesn't want to see how successful his life has been...I don't blame her.

Anyways, so my dad was in charge of getting the tables to rent, the main dish (tri-tip) and all the booze (beer/wine). My mom was in charge of the side dishes, appetizers, and dessert. She loves to cook. So tonight is going to be a night filled with chopping, mixing, cooking, cutting, dipping, heating, and storing. I'd tell you what we're making, but it's too many things to list. I honestly don't even know if I'll make it through the night. I feel like I'd be that mom from that Rice Krispie's commercial so many years ago. Although she faked the flour on her face. Mine might be real.

So, it should be an exciting day, hopefully little drama. But with my family, and their friends, and their family - you really can't expect anything NOT to happen.


MIne wasn't that long.

Today my sister graduated. Her commencement for her "college" was 2 1/2 hours long. My mom told me mine was just as long a few years ago. I have no recollection of that. I remember it being so hot I almost passed out. There was no shade, and I had on a black robe, 3 double lei's, and downed a water in like, 10 seconds. Shortie kept an eye on me. I know we chatted with the classmates around us.

I also don't remember it being so crowded. There were so many people there today. We got there early to save the front row of one of the sections...and then we had about 100 people standing in front of us to see their grads - they didn't get there early! In the beginning there was someone shushing those standing in our view. But I guess they gave up once they started announcing names.

Each graduation at there has a different "exiting" music band. My sister had bagpipes, there will also be some sort of music ensemble with a name I can't say. I think it's something tribal-ish. It's a bit different, but cool. I don't remember leaving our seats. It's weird, because all that only happened 3 years ago and I can't remember. Old age? No. But I guess I've just had so much going on that I'm forgetting bits and pieces. I remember the important stuff - like them announcing my name, shaking hands, and getting the diploma holder. I remember taking pictures, and going out for lunch after. I remember having to pee right before we were supposed to walk in - but I ran to the bathroom, and ran back just as my department was about to head out. Luckily Shortie held my spot. Oh, and I remember calling E$ telling her I finally made it!!! I guess I only remember the good stuff, and let the boring items fall out my head.


Hawaii? Yes please!

Today we met one of our employees that works in Hawaii. Well, she lives there. She lived in CA practically her whole life. For the past 20 some years, she'd go out to Hawaii almost every year for vacation - or tried to schedule it with work for trainings. 2 years ago, she bit the bullet and decided to move there. She was telling us of the small house she has, but it's worth it because of where she gets to call "home."

I'm jealous of this bravery. J and I talk all the time about moving to Colorado. But that's still only a 16 hour drive or a 3 1/2 hour plane ride. You can't drive to/from Hawaii. Kiss family good bye. It's not like travelling to a state where it's not necessarily a vacation spot so the fares are cheaper. But Hawaii? Everyone wants to go there! I do. I still have never been. I hope to be there sometime soon within the next few years. We have a wedding to plan/save for!


Start of a long weekend. Sort of.

Last night E$ and I headed up north. We arrived around 11 and were excited to finally get to sleep. She had been up since 4am EST with her flight and only was able to score a 1 hour nap. And she drove. But it was a rental - a brand new Mazda 3. Very sporty. We had the Ipod's going and she kept battling me with controlling the volume from the steering wheel. I think that's the coolest thing. I wish my car had that. Oh well!

Before we headed out, we stopped at 7-Eleven for some slurpees and waters. Outside there was this kid and he just kept looking at us when we pulled up. And when we got out, he slowly started walking towards us. I told E$ "Um, do you get the heeby jeebies from him?" She said he's probly looking for someone to score him cigs or beer. I guess. But it was still weird.

As we left, he's like "cool car". I'm like LET'S GET THE F OUT OF HERE!

So, our drive up was uneventful, and got in around 11. Now I'm alone in their house with their dog. She keeps roaming around the house. I wonder if this is what she does every day. I wonder if she is wondering who I am. And why I'm sitting at her parents kitchen counter? Oh well, She keeps wanting to play, but she's not good at it. I throw her stuffed animal, and she comes back with it, but won't let it go to let me throw it again. She'll learn some day!


A little sad, a little pathetic

Last night I was watching the season finale of Real World: Denver, Colorado. I visited Colorado for this past New Year's with a huge group of friends. One couple moved there last year so we all made the trip out there. Gorgeous place.

Anywhoo. While watching it, I was sort of bothered by Davis. He was the gay one (ya know, they throw them in there, plus an african american, couple of white girls, and one person who's never met a homosexual before). Anyways, at the beginning of the season he stated he wanted to prove to the world that you can be gay and monogamous. Well, in this episode, turns out he hadn't kept his promise. He's balling and balling because his boyfriend dumped him (surprise, surprise).

Anyways, then they start packing and I realize SHIT. I'm too old to be on this show now. I think the age group is 18-24 or something like that. I'm 25. How am I too old to be on that show? I wouldn't WANT to be. But still, it's nice to have the option. I guess I'll have to just keep my hopes up for American Idol (although disclaimer - I can't sing...well. I can sing, I just I'd be one of the ones they put up there to be funny than to show actual proof of talent).

Tonight's American Idol's finale. Last night it became apparent early on (well, after the first round of songs) that Jordin deserves it. Blake will do great with his different approach to music, but she's got the lungs. But I really didn't think it was such a good idea to sing that Christina Aguilera song...I was cringing on the couch.


I love weddings!

Well, today I got confirmation that I'm venturing up the coast a bit this weekend for a wedding with a friend. One of my best friends - E. Well, we'll call her E$ because she's cool like that. Anyways, it's one of her college roommate's wedding. I went to her other roommate's wedding last year and now it's time for the other one. I'm actually the "plus one" for the roomie that got married last year. I'm taking the place of her husband. But I don't mind! I love little quick trips. Plus San Luis Obispo (that's where we're going) has this great little yogurt place called Bali's. You can serve your own soft-serve and your own topings. They charge by the ounce, but it's pretty inexpensive compared to ColdStone or Golden Spoon. I'm excited!

Now I just need to find something to wear......


Weekend re-cap

Well, this weekend was quite the crazy one. 3 parties, 1 hangover, and more stories from the lovely s-i-l (sister-in-law).

Friday night was a bday party for a visiting relative. That was a lot of fun. Not only did it have some people I don't know, but some of our (J and mine) friends were there as well. Got to catch-up with Budget Boy's girlfriend and hang out with J's sis L. (not the psycho S-I-L). I had some lovely Malibu-Tampico cocktails (yes, I was ghe-tto) and they were quite delish. J and I left around midnight, stopped at Jack in the Box, and headed home. He had a work thing the next morning.

Saturday was day 2 of the parties - first up was his "welcome home" party for his bro and fam. It was a ton of food (they're all Italian) and a little too warm for me. I headed out for Shortie's graduation and let the drinking begin! Everyone was drunk on margarita's and shots of vodka or tequila. J met me there around 10 and said it was hilarious to see so many fun-loving drunk people at one place. There was a dj and at some point I stole the mic and we turned it into a sing-a-long. At midnight the music stopped, I turned into a pumpkin and headed home.

Yesterday I was a hungover mess. I did catch up and watch on Mtv all the episodes of the first season of America's Next Top Model. I like when they put them back to back to back. At 6 I finally got up, we ate, and then moved my sorry ass to the couch for a viewing of Music & Lyrics. That's such a great movie.

So, J's sis L and I love to just sit and gossip and make fun of the s-i-l. Sure it's catty and horribly mean. But with the s-i-l, you just can't help it.

She's shown up to both parties wearing full-length dresses with jeans underneath. Then she had these bead things on her toes. She has too many piercings for a woman her age, and her kids have horrible manners. There's nothing worse than horrible manners. And it's starting to rub off on L's daughter, who's 3. She started acting like them and she was put in her place immediately. Good to know some people still have great parenting skills!

Tonight we're off to see Shrek the Third! Whopee!


Techie to the rescue!

Yesterday my co-worker bought a desktop scanner and tried installing the software. She then remembered that her CD-rom doesn't "exist" according to her computer. We spent the better half of the afternoon trying to fix this. We tried to download the drivers, search for it to add it again, but no luck. My friend told me to call our IT guys, but they aren't the best in these kind of situations. Believe me.

So, today we decided to try again. She just decided to open up the computer and see if there was something loose. (that would be deemed as a big no-no from the IT guys.) She got it open and we started looking around. We saw where the CD-rom was there (obviously) and also her zip drive. We saw the little power cord and another cord that were connected. But we also found this belt looking thing. One end was plugged into the CD-rom, the other just dangled there. We checked the belt thing for the zip drive, and saw that the belt had one end in the zip drive, and then one end was in the mother board.

It became apparent we had to plug in the CD-rom. And we have no idea how it "fell out" before. It did at one point in time work. So, there was two plugs dangling off this belt. All the other ones were color-matched. White went in white, blue in blue, and black in black. Well, on this belt, the white one didn't reach. We tried and tried, and nothing would make that thing stretch. So, at the end of it, there was a blue plug. I said "hey, we should use that one!" She was nervous, but I pointed out that the black one had different prong spots so it wouldn't fit in this particular slot. BUT, this blue one had the same thing as the white. So I did it. And it WORKED!

Now, if we had actually gone to our IT guys, this is what they would suggest,

Let me hack into your computer (ok)
Hmm, you're right, it's disappeared. Well, did you try downloading new drivers (yes).
Did you try rebooting (yes)
Well, send it to us and we'll work on it, or just go without using the CD-rom.

Yes, that is seriously what they would do. You can't believe how difficult it was for me to let them put in my extra RAM a few months ago. I think I gave them a mild heart-attack.

So, we are very proud of ourselves. We didn't let colorful belts and cords and wires deter us!


I'd like Carly to be my new friend

Among working, my co-worker and I also enjoy time spent shopping online. More like cyber window shopping. Anyways, I found this and decided I would like Carly to be my new BFF. lol Oh it's so pretty!

But I just got a new purse at the outlets in Vegas last October. That means mine is only about 6/7 months old. But, when I visit my friend in Illinois in a month, we're going to their outlet. But I know they won't have Carly because she's new. Dammit!


Made it

Well, yesterday was definately an interesting night. There were so many screaming kids and lots of people and talking and wow. I was just excited to get back to my quiet little house.

Meeting his sister-in-law was NOTHING like I had imagined her to look like. Which is odd because she has pictures of herself on myspace. So I guess they're just REALLY old pictures. Anyways, she talks. A lot. And is definately a character. J's sis didn't bring wine so I ran to the store to grab some. And chocolate. MMMm. Chocolate. It was the good kind too.

Anyways, I attempted to watch American Idol. But with 3 kids, 5 adults, it was a bit challenging. I do have it on Tivo. But I got the basic gyst of it. I am so torn on who should stay, and who should go. I really like Blake. But I know that no matter what, he'll do good in his career. And Jordin and Melinda are just so similar with their styles and abilities that it's hard to choose. I guess I'll know more after this week, and then definately after next week!

Poor J. He's at home sick right now. He was telling me last night he didn't feel well. I went to sleep (am I horrible for that?) and he stayed up most of the night in the bathroom. So this morning he calls me cuz he's on his way home. Apparently yesterday him and 2 co-workers got a pizza and all 3 of them are sick. So at least we know it's not the flu. Cuz I wouldn't want to catch that!

I'm going to run home at lunch to check on him. Now that I know he isn't contagious. Hee hee.


Wine will help...

Just got a call from J's sister (not the "in-law"). Anyways, she was laughing at me cuz she is working till 7 and I'll be there before that...But she asked if she should grab wine. I said YES. And she said "Ok, well, for her, you'll need 2 bottles." LOL. God we read each other's minds.

Kinda/sorta/lil bit nervous..

Last night, J's oldest brother, wife, and 2 kids arrived for a week vacation out here. His brother is in the armed forces and has been in Korea since just before Thanksgiving last year. He's got a month off, and the fam decided to come out to visit. It's been about 2 or so years since they all came out.

I am meeting the wife and kids tonight. I met his bro last year when he came out for a few days before the big send-off to Korea. Cool guy. But not sure about the wife. She was the cause for most of the drama regarding J's bday/V-day gift. That was pretty much the last time we ever myspaced each other (she found me on there, but I'm not hard to find when i'm friends with her husband and sister-in-law). Anyways, since that all happened, I know J said it wasn't a big deal, but I'm just a little nervous to meet her. I know she'll act totally "normal" which should probly be read as "fake." Oh well.

Just a few more days to the weekend. And 2 awesome parties. And an extremely hung-over Sunday (hopefully).


I wish I took pictures...

Today I went on a major cleaning spree. I woke up at 10, and cleaned all the way till almost 1. It was exhausting. My shower is pretty clean. I still can't get it 100%. Kitchen is spotless, everything is vacuumed. J came home and said "wow, this place is really clean!"

Ya. I spent a lot of time. I know tomorrow when I get up my arms and stomach and back are going to ache. But when J came home, I told him that all I needed him to help with is clean the bathroom (mirror & sink). He said "ok" and turned on his movie. I finished the load of laundry, said I was gonna nap for an hour, and just assumed that bathroom would get cleaned sometime tomorrow...or next week.

When I woke up from my nap, I went to go take a shower, and realized "HOLY SHIT. He CLEANED!!" That tile on the counter was so damn clean, I almost cried. I was thrilled with it. I mean, he paused his movie and cleaned. I mean, for him to pause it was seriously a development.

I probly won't clean like that for another 4 months. Just doing all that cleaning just wiped me out. But it's nice to see everything that way. I was sad to get ready today, cuz that means the mirror for my makeup sits back on the counter, my hair dryer and 3 brushes will be on the counter, and it won't be 100% perfect for awhile.

Last night's game was fun, and I also have to post the crappy pics, but the really good video I took. After the game the stadium had about 20 minutes worth of fireworks. It was the first of their season. Love that! Makes you feel like a kid again :o)

Happy Mother's Day!


Tired of having disappointment

I think I'm a tad over-analytical/emotional/judgemental today. It's probly due to some hormones flying around in my body. But ever since I got off work today, I've not been a happy camper. I'm not mad, just not happy. Not sure if it's anyone's fault but my own.

I ran some errands after work - Costco, market, usual stuff. I felt so old pushing a cart through the aisles of Costco. Luckily, I was reminded that i'm not too old because I'm not at the age to buy a lot of the stuff in there...Mainly because I don't have a house to furnish (they have a ton of garden stuff there now), nor do I have a need for all their fun geeky electronics (again, things I have now are just fine), and no need for all the crazy vitamins, elixirs, meds, diapers (for babies....well, I guess grown-ups too? lol). My cart was pathetic - shampoo, conditioner, a movie, toilet paper, and some peanuts for J.

There were quite a bit of families, but also people shopping for their businesses. I always think about when I'll be those people and some young girl will be toting around her small cart with just a few items because her salary/checking account isn't too big.

When I got home, I hurried to put the things away, empty out the fridge, put all the toilet paper away (I think there's like 30 or something rolls!) and J is like "just sit down, eat, relax.". Um, this is when the judgemental stuff comes in. Immediately I start saying (in my head of course)

Easy for you to say. You came home and all you did was eat and play your guitar. I have things to do because that's what I do. I am in charge of this house. I can wait for you to do it, but that'll take to long. Must be nice.

I told you I was being judgemental. To his defense, he did tell me (without any prompts from me) that he was sorry that he doesn't just think of things to do. Although I got bitchy and said "you didn't notice the dishes in the sink? did you think that maybe the dishwasher needed to be emptied and reloaded?" He said he would have figured it out...Of course that was 5 minutes before he was about to leave to go meet up with some friends. I did it though. Didn't really complain. I guess it's part my fault because I so easily made things this way. I don't let him touch the laundry, he doesn't shop for groceries (unless it's for something we need for dinner - he'll pick up stuff), and he doesn't clean. Like, he'll clean up but not clean. No chemicals.

So, after I was done being a brat, I watched tivo, and then decided time to go to the gym...I haven't been (really) since the cruise. Whoops! It's just so easy to find something else to do!

On the way home, I called my sister because I came up with a great idea for Mother's day. Yes I know it's a few days away. But we're late planners (well, I blame this on my indecisive sister). In my mom's garage (also she lives there), there's a huge box of photos that just are all mixed together. Some are in the envelopes from when they were developed, some are just thrown in there.

I said we should go to Walmart, get some cheap photo albums, maybe some cute pens (for captions when we get inspired by a funny photo) and then have that as a fun project on Sunday. My mom has always been meaning to put these photos in some sort of order, but (like the gym), there's always something better to do!

She said no. She said my mom wouldn't handle it. Give the woman some credit! Sure there have been better times in her life. But we're in the present day. We can't change what's currently going on. There might be some tears, but there will sure as hell be a lot of laughs too. I gotta work on her. Or buy the stuff, say "you lost" and just do it anyways. I'm great at that ;o) (being a pushy bitch sometimes).


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