Man vs. Wild

Have you ever watched that show? It's crazy. That guy has some ginormous testicles. Anyone who chooses to be dumped in the middle of nowhere with a knife, flint, and cup is pretty daring.

J and I started watching this a few weeks ago. Actually, he found it, but I just wasn't interested. He told me how great it was, and finally, I gave in. This guy is so brilliant! I watch with amazement how he finds stuff to eat, plants to use for medical aid, shelter, sometimes even transportation! One episode he drank his own pee to stay hydrated and another he used it to keep him warm at night.

With the first few episodes I saw, he was in a warm climate. It reminded me somewhat of survivor - and how most of their locations are tropical and warm. Mainly because they're afraid of what would happen to those people in a cold climate. Well, after watching him tackle the elements on Sunday's airing, I know people can survive cold too! He skinned a dead deer to have a blanket. I learned how they do it, without getting all bloody (who knew?). Also learned how to get out of a marsh, how to make Pine Needle tea, and snow can sometimes help keep you warm (really??)

So learn somethings. In case you ever get dropped off in the middle of nowhere in a cold cold place! With nothing to eat!



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