Back to the grind

This is the second week of classes. I was pleasantly surprised last week when we went around the room, offered brief info on ourselves - where we worked, if we were new to the program, and if we worked for the private or public sector. There was an incredible mix of folks. There was a lieutenant from the Santa Monica PD, a realtor, an HR manager, people who worked for the city of LA and surrounding communities, and even someone who just literally moved from Ecuador.

The class is 4 hours long, which is quite daunting. Luckily the teacher is great, and we get a few breaks and some group discussion time to break up the block. In order to do well, I have to seriously maintain the homework. When I went after my bachelor degree a few years ago, I wasn't the best when it came to keeping up with the reading. Luckily I was an excellent note-taker, and that helped me do quite well on the tests. For this class, there are not tests. There's a term paper due at the end of the class, along with an oral presentation regarding your topic for the paper, and smaller class discussions that occur each week. I have a lot going on outside of school right now, but if I keep at it, I know I'll be fine.

Obviously taking time out to blog doens't exactly fit with the school work focus of tonight, but I needed a break. Reading a chapter on politics and charts and everything is a bit overwhelming. My bachelor's degree didn't quite fall in this related spectrum. Actually, it was pretty far from it. I'm learning a whole different world, but I'm excited to open myself up to the new opportunities that will be available once I'm done with this program. And, I can't lie, the (hopefully) huge salary increase. A girl can hope, right?



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