Make way for the student!

Well, I had a great interview yesterday and was accepted into the program. Registration for classes is in July. And the way the actual class times are set up is pretty cool. The program was created many years back. It was a small program at first, and there's not much funding that is provided by the state. So, a few years back, the department was receiving pressure to increase the size of the program to balance the demand for those wanting to enroll. They couldn't afford to bring on any more staff, so they did something different.

Instead of having each class last 15 or so weeks, they cut them all down to 8 or 9 weeks (each class only meets once a week). They were then able to have the class go weeks 1-8, and then 9-16 to allow double the students - and having the teachers show up the same amount of time. So, I'll only have one class at a time - 1 the first half, and then another the 2nd half. I might do 3 classes for Spring - I'm going to see how it goes for Fall. But I'm very excited!

In the next few weeks, I'll be receiving the official notice of acceptance, register for financial aid, get student loans (again), contact my loan company to say that i need a deferment (yay!) and then buy my book(s) and also get a new laptop. I've decided that mine I have is too large to transport (it has a 17.5" screen...) so I'm selling it, and then going to buy a macbook. Through the bookstore, the laptop itself is about 250 less than buying it from apple (student discounts) and I can also purchase software at a discounted price.

Oh, I can't wait to shop! I'm such a nerd for these kinds of things. Office supplies - love it!

Also, yesterday I finally went to the DMV and ordered my new license with out the restriction for corrective lenses! It felt so nice to take the little eye exam! Nerd again, I know. But now at least it's proof that I have normal eyeballs!



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