Weekend re-cap

Well, this weekend was quite the crazy one. 3 parties, 1 hangover, and more stories from the lovely s-i-l (sister-in-law).

Friday night was a bday party for a visiting relative. That was a lot of fun. Not only did it have some people I don't know, but some of our (J and mine) friends were there as well. Got to catch-up with Budget Boy's girlfriend and hang out with J's sis L. (not the psycho S-I-L). I had some lovely Malibu-Tampico cocktails (yes, I was ghe-tto) and they were quite delish. J and I left around midnight, stopped at Jack in the Box, and headed home. He had a work thing the next morning.

Saturday was day 2 of the parties - first up was his "welcome home" party for his bro and fam. It was a ton of food (they're all Italian) and a little too warm for me. I headed out for Shortie's graduation and let the drinking begin! Everyone was drunk on margarita's and shots of vodka or tequila. J met me there around 10 and said it was hilarious to see so many fun-loving drunk people at one place. There was a dj and at some point I stole the mic and we turned it into a sing-a-long. At midnight the music stopped, I turned into a pumpkin and headed home.

Yesterday I was a hungover mess. I did catch up and watch on Mtv all the episodes of the first season of America's Next Top Model. I like when they put them back to back to back. At 6 I finally got up, we ate, and then moved my sorry ass to the couch for a viewing of Music & Lyrics. That's such a great movie.

So, J's sis L and I love to just sit and gossip and make fun of the s-i-l. Sure it's catty and horribly mean. But with the s-i-l, you just can't help it.

She's shown up to both parties wearing full-length dresses with jeans underneath. Then she had these bead things on her toes. She has too many piercings for a woman her age, and her kids have horrible manners. There's nothing worse than horrible manners. And it's starting to rub off on L's daughter, who's 3. She started acting like them and she was put in her place immediately. Good to know some people still have great parenting skills!

Tonight we're off to see Shrek the Third! Whopee!



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