Valentine's hangover??

Well, it's the day after Valentine's day - hallmark holiday, whatever you want to call it. Not an alcohol type of hangover, but could be many things - chocolate hangover, love hangover, sex hangover? Whatever the cause for it, do people over do it on Valentine's day? Do guys go all out for that day, then say "phew! back to normalcy" today? I wonder if spousal abusers give up on the abuse for the day, then start back to beating the shit out of their significant others today. (I'm not stereotyping that men are the spousal abusers, because we know some women who could pack a mean punch!) I wonder about things like this. Yes, it's way out there, but I still do.

J loved his gift! I got him an Ipod shuffle and had it engraved. It was actually his bday gift (it's on the 19th) but with some drama surrounding the gift, he got it early. I got a one hour massage :o) I'm going to be booking that for the day before we depart for our cruise next month. I'm going to get all pampered and get in the mindframe for the cruise. I'll explain that whole thing later.

So, back to the Valentine's discussion. The place Shortie and I decided to go to is a small Thai restaurant by my house. I wasn't expecting a long wait (if any) but when we got there, the place was packed! There were 3 tables on reserve, and one couple that got there before us. Luckily there were 2 openings, so we were sat immediately. We enjoyed great food, great conversation, great company. Our check came, we went back to my house, had some champagne and some red velvet cake. It was a great evening!

So, happy Valentine's hangover day to you!



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