MIne wasn't that long.

Today my sister graduated. Her commencement for her "college" was 2 1/2 hours long. My mom told me mine was just as long a few years ago. I have no recollection of that. I remember it being so hot I almost passed out. There was no shade, and I had on a black robe, 3 double lei's, and downed a water in like, 10 seconds. Shortie kept an eye on me. I know we chatted with the classmates around us.

I also don't remember it being so crowded. There were so many people there today. We got there early to save the front row of one of the sections...and then we had about 100 people standing in front of us to see their grads - they didn't get there early! In the beginning there was someone shushing those standing in our view. But I guess they gave up once they started announcing names.

Each graduation at there has a different "exiting" music band. My sister had bagpipes, there will also be some sort of music ensemble with a name I can't say. I think it's something tribal-ish. It's a bit different, but cool. I don't remember leaving our seats. It's weird, because all that only happened 3 years ago and I can't remember. Old age? No. But I guess I've just had so much going on that I'm forgetting bits and pieces. I remember the important stuff - like them announcing my name, shaking hands, and getting the diploma holder. I remember taking pictures, and going out for lunch after. I remember having to pee right before we were supposed to walk in - but I ran to the bathroom, and ran back just as my department was about to head out. Luckily Shortie held my spot. Oh, and I remember calling E$ telling her I finally made it!!! I guess I only remember the good stuff, and let the boring items fall out my head.



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