Diaper duty.....23 years later

My dad and step-mom signed up to be foster parents many years ago. More seriously the process came about 3 years ago. They've gone through all the interviews and classes and have "baby proofed" their house. But, nothing's really come up from it.

Today my dad emails me that they got a call yesterday informing them that they will need to take custody (temporary) of a 1 year old baby girl. Apparently the foster parents have a family crisis about 3 hours south and the foster agency is working on getting the baby reunited with the birth mom - so I guess the kid needs to stay local.

My younger sister is 23 1/2. So, it's been a LOOOOONG time since my dad has had to deal with babies (for more than an afternoon). My step-mom doesn't have any kids (hence the idea of foster/adoption) and it should really be an experience for them. My dad has already told me he's not doing diapers, and he's sleeping in the guest room. I'm going over there on Saturday and it should be filled with a lot of stories!! I wish them the best, but can't imagine how hard it is to be thrown into this sort of situation (basically) overnight.



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