It's good every once in awhile...

Well, going to LA that is. Hollywood, the every-so glamorous city that seems to host a menagerie of celebrities, celeb-realities, and wannabe celebrities. A group of us headed to Hollywood on Saturday night to celebrate some bdays - for two lovely ladies. But of course, you can't just get ready like you would for a normal night out. No.

So first stop was a new do...hairdo that is. Finally decided to take the plunge and cut off about 5 inches. For a girl, that's a lot. Well, I guess for a guy too. But lordy they shouldn't have 5 inches to cut off! Anyways, J's sister did an amazing job and I'm in love. After visiting the MAC counter and getting ready, I picked up one of the bday girls, N, and we headed to Hollywood.

Got stuck in traffic (gotta love LA!) and made it to the restaurant right on time. Unfortunately, no one else did! We grabbed some margaritas from the bar. We were adventurous. I tried a "blood orange" margarita. Very good! And N got a "prickly pear" margarita. Her's was bright pink! Who knew? Finally one of her friend's showed up, followed by a limo...Apparently the other bday girl had to show up in style too! Although hers was a surprise.

So as we proceed to our table (about 45 minutes after the reservation) the rest of the party shows up. After chips, guacamole, enchiladas, (more) margaritas, and about 500 pictures, we all head out for the evening. This was a short trip up the street to a very random bar. I've never heard of it, but that seriously doesn't say much. I never go to Hollywood. Never. I think the last time I went there was over a year ago. Just too much for me. I enjoy hanging out at home with friends and booze, or a dive bar. But don't like spending money to park everywhere, $10 drinks, expensive food, and wearing uncomfortable shoes. But for nights like this, I coax myself into going. But seriously, I had fun.

Where was J through all of this you ask? At home. He (really) doesn't like going out to places like these, so he stayed in with the Godfather. Which is fine with me. Sometimes it's good to have a night out with the girls!



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