I love weddings!

Well, today I got confirmation that I'm venturing up the coast a bit this weekend for a wedding with a friend. One of my best friends - E. Well, we'll call her E$ because she's cool like that. Anyways, it's one of her college roommate's wedding. I went to her other roommate's wedding last year and now it's time for the other one. I'm actually the "plus one" for the roomie that got married last year. I'm taking the place of her husband. But I don't mind! I love little quick trips. Plus San Luis Obispo (that's where we're going) has this great little yogurt place called Bali's. You can serve your own soft-serve and your own topings. They charge by the ounce, but it's pretty inexpensive compared to ColdStone or Golden Spoon. I'm excited!

Now I just need to find something to wear......



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