4th of July

Let the partying begin! Amongst the million degree heat everyone in this town is suffering through, it always helps to imagine the bbqs, the parties, the drinking :)

Since HS, Shortie's family - actually neighborhood - throw a party every 4th of July. Since we graduated, they've tapered from roaring events, to just a few houses participating. Last year, it was (for the most part) scratched and we all headed to a Dodger game (way fun). But, this year, it was resurrected. But, they're smart, and it's tonight instead of tomorrow. Why? Because, well, we all love to party, which includes drinking, and staying up late, and why would you do that when you have to go to work the next day? So, tonight we'll be gathering up the wieners, the hamburgers, chips, dip, fruit, cookies, mmmm. And alcohol. Poor Shortie - she can't party that much. She's learning dancing is somewhat a challenge as her "bump" grows. SO CUTE!

But I'm sure with the drunken menageries we can figure something out - some way for her to get her groove on. And tomorrow - more bbq-ing. This time, different location, with a view of the town's fireworks. Then back to work. But I am enjoying this day and a half off. :o)



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