Time to be a techie....

I've been working all week to try to increase my signal strength on my internet. It's been quite the challenge. J and I've been dealing with a weak signal for the past year, but I think it's finally getting to the point where we're just tired of it.

First I bought a newer wireless router. It claimed to be 10x the signal strength and speed of the basic g model (which is what we have). While it didn't really increase the range much, it did help a bit and worked much faster.

Then I searched online to see what other options we had to utilize. There was a menagerie of stories, reviews and blogs about what you can use. Unfortunately, there was a lot of contradiction on the sites. I contacted Circuit City on Thursday to see what they have to offer. I bought a range extender (also sometimes known as a repeater) and the folks at Circuit City actually had it set up in their store. The only possible problem was that the brands of the router and the extender were different. But, they said it should work.

After about an hour of messing around with it, and messing up some of my settings, I went from having a weak signal, to no signal, and then got it back. But the extender didn't work. It wasn't showing up. I did some live chat with their tech service through the company. It was helpful for the most part. The person was working to help me configure it manually instead of using the automatic setup disk that just wasn't cutting it. After 2 hours, and losing service 3 times, I called it a night.

Today I tried again. Success! I could find the extender, set it up how I needed it to be, but one small (and confusing) problem...My wireless on my computer said I had an excellent signal strength (yay!) but I coudn't connect to the internet! It said that (even though 4 bars showed up) I had "little or no signal." And, after trying a bunch of different configurations, I still can't get it to work. So back to the drawing board!



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