Addicted to World Pop Culture

I know I got the name wrong. I appologize. But our friend, CM, showed up tonight. He's in between moving to San Fran for law school and being stuck in our valley. And he's bored. So he showed up.

J and I have been watching the series on VH1 on pop culture. We watched it last year, and it was exciting. Well, maybe that's not the right word....But we were interested. I mean, a quiz show where it's real people - count us in!

This year we've been tivo'ing all of them, and on some nights, turned them into our own competition. Since they're all tivo'd, we compete against each other. I'd suggest others to take note, but, well, the last episode aired tonight. Oh well. But here's what we did...

Because we live together (and our lives are OH so exciting), we'd compete against each other. We'd let Pat (yes, first name basis) read the question, then pause it. If it was my turn to go first, I'd respond, and J'd give a back-up answer. We hit play. Whoever was right got a point. At the end of the game, whoever lost had to do the shitty before bed rituals. Ours? Turning off all the lights and making sure the AC was set at a good temperature. (good lord, we're boring. lol).

So, tonight, we thought we'd "spice" things up and get CM involved. So far, J's winning. we're up for the last part of the competition. And, of course, I'm on Team J! all the way!

And ps. don't play this game if your brain cells seem to run and hide after a bit of alcohol. lol



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