Vacation time count-down

Vacation starts officially in 2 1/2 days. Even though I'm not leaving till Saturday - I'm heading out of work on Friday at noon, and that's when my vacation begins. I'm getting a massage, and facial, and I'm wondering if they'd object to me drinking a cocktail while they do that? lol. Ya know, like in the movies, when they have a glass of chilled champagne waiting for you? I doubt it though, I don't live in Beverly Hills or the ritzy parts of LA.

I've started writing my lists of things to bring for the cruise. And, because I'm so organized (read - anal) I've got separate lists going for different categories. There's the toiletries list, the accessories list, clothing must-haves list and of course J's list (becuase, well, he's a man and requires my help to remind him things). Items on the accessories list includes a wine opener (I'm bringing 5 bottles. lol), ipod speakers and also Febreeze. Yes, that's right. Not the fabric cleaner kind, but the air cleaner. I think it might be the most valued item I'm bringing. Anything to help my sanity and comfort with sharing the world's smallest bathroom with a boy. Boys stink, let's face it, and the bathroom is not excluded.

I missed half of Idol last night, but watched the half that featured Sanjaya. Man, that kid needs to leave. He screeched like a girl and still made a girl cry (out of joy???). His hair looked better (since that's always mentioned from the judges, the blogs, the critics) but he still is trying way too hard. I read also, that someone's apparently someone's starving themself till Sanjaya gets the boot. That's a little extreme for me....


Conspiracy?? Maybe!

So, all weekend long my internet at home wasn't working. It worked friday night, and then after that, nothing. I live in a guesthouse and i did set up my wireless router at my landlord's place. But, based on where my laptop is located, I get a very weak signal. But usually it's fine, I just can't download huge files or anything. I can still get songs from itunes (amazingly enough). But, this weekend was filled with a lot of frustrations as I'm selling things on craigslist, and I couldn't check my email!! Now, it's Monday, and I figure I'll try again. And, to my amazement ~ it's working again! What the hell has changed since yesterday - not sure. But either the techie gods are telling me to lay off the internet while I'm at home on the weekends, or they wanted to tease me with the frustration of no email/aim/myspace for 48 hours. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


Fuh-riday night

Mine was fun. How bout yours? I just got home from dinner with my mom's friends. It was great. The place we went, Margarita's, had a great history for me. lol. J and I went there one night with 2 other people, had some margarita's, had some shots, and by the end of the night we were inseparable...cuz we were making out. lol. Love at first sight! Been together ever since. But not really first sight, we were friends. See, we went to HS together. Actually, we sort of even went to sr. prom together. He had a different GF at the time, and I had a different BF. We were on the same bus, sat at the same table, probly even danced together! lol. So, fast forward to 6 years later and we're happy. But anyways, We went to the place tonight and talked, chatted, gossiped, all the things girls do. We went back to my mom's and talked/gossiped more. Now I'm home. J and his friend M are playing guitar, drunk, and singing very loudly. And they're STILL drinking. It's 12:30. lol. I'm ready for bed. Shortie and I are getting our tan on tomorrow. That's fabulous! Anyways, time for bed, before I pass out. Need to put my pjs on..............


It's Friday!

Thank goodness! I've decided to delay my actual start of "work" related topics. Last night J and I went to the LA King's hockey game. It was fun. Carmen Electra was there to gain support or something for her charity. Also the 50 contestants for the Miss USA and the reigning Miss USA - recovering alcoholic Tara Conner. Apparently after the event, the group went to celebrate Tara's 90 day sobriety, according to TMZ.com. interesting stuff. Also there was Ryan Seacrest, Kim Kardashian (the one with the sex tape), and a few other C list celebrities.

The game started off not so hot. The Chicago Blawkhawks were up 2-1 by the beginning of the 2nd period. At the end of the 3rd and final period, it was tied. So on came the shoot-out! Most out of 5 shots wins! Unfortunately, they tied that too....So came Sudden Death. Man! I've never seen that before! Talk about being a bundle of nerves! So, after SEVEN attempts from both sides, the Blackhawks came through with the win. Even though it was sad to see them lose, it was really exciting! But totally bummed because only 1 fight ensued. That sucked! And I learned why the refs just stand around during the fight...Apparently they let them fight until they hit the ice. When they're down, that's when they break up the fight. No blood though.

Tonight I'm going out with my mom and 2 of her friends. It's one of their bdays - and somewhat recently separated from her husband, and so my mom and the other friend decided a night out is a great idea. And, since i'm no longer the little 8 year old that would try to eavesdrop on their "adult" conversations - now I get to join! It's so weird. I remember being 9, 10, 11 and always wanting to hang out at the kitchen table where all the adults spoke. I just was so in awe of the interaction and the gossip and everything. Now I get to participate as well. I mean, when I am around my teenage cousins, I still picture them as being young kids. So I'm always leery on talking about grown up things. I have a hard time separating my memory from what they actually are now....They live in a society where you learn things a LOT younger than when I was growing up (which wasn't even that long ago!). But yet my mom and her friends are able to see me for who I am, not what I was.

Shortie might join, if the hubby is working. And tomorrow starts the REAL official countdown of the cruise! I'm so excited. I hope the weather is great. It's been between 80-90 all week here. There's nothing worse than leaving fabulous weather for crappy weather! Anyways, I'm getting bugged by my security officer that I shouldn't be blogging, but working. HA.


I need a break

Well, I've been working pretty steadily all day and worked through lunch (but had subway. SOOO yum). I just need a tiny distraction to make it through the last hour. The cruise is approaching and I just can't wait! Yesterday I printed J's and my boarding pass. Not sure why, but just felt like it. On Sunday we went to the beach with some friends. One of the guy's grandpa owns a house right on the beach. The guys drank, the girls hung out. I got a little bit of a tan, and only a slight redness to my shoulder. J got burned on his chest, but it's fading away. Just proves we are in need of a sunny vacation! I can't believe it's in a week and a half! I hope I have enough money to survive the whole week. I mean, it's a big chunk I'm bringing. But I always get nervous about not having enough.

The work load is slowly growing. One of my jobs is to check in all the timecards for our contractors and send them off to our corporate. Well, normally they're due on Fridays. But, normally that gets pushed to Mondays. This week, Monday was too busy, so it got pushed on the "to do" list to Tuesday. Then, after a 5 hour conference call, and lots of little "fires" to put out, 5pm came and I left. Today that left me with the timecards...I didn't get to work on them till after 2. Which means our corporate is already closed for the day (they're on the east coast) and they won't get them till tomorrow. I'm actually kind of surprised no one's bitched at me from there. I mean, I sent over about 100 or so each week. Kinda weird, but I'm glad I didn't get any moody emails! I have received enough of those lately! Normally, when my workload was pretty minimal, I found lots of things to do instead of actually DOING work. Well, that luxury has become a thing of the past. Now I'm rushing to get through the easiest of things to move on to the more time-consuming ones. I still find some moments to keep sanity and distract myself, but it's only temporary. Over the past 2 weeks I've put in about 4 hours of OT. Which is RARE. I think over the course of my 2 1/2 year career here, I've only put in MAYBE 2 hours. But 4 in so short? I know, but I don't mind. But, when you do the math and see what it actually breaks down to, it's kinda pitiful. But, 40 bucks is 40 bucks! That's like 3 drinks on the cruise! (or, if you watch the wendy's commercials ~ 40 jr. bacon cheeseburgers!).

Ok, my 5 minute break is up. Time to get back to work!


Getting back to normal...

Well, things are finally getting back to normal around work. I only had to stay and work OT monday & tuesday, but now I'm off at my usual time. I've been trying to cram as many work-out sessions as possible in the week. There's only 2 more weeks till our cruise and I'd like to look a little fit in my bathing suit! I've discovered Pilates and I'm really growing to love it. Even though it's a much milder workout than spin or kick-boxing, your body still "feels it" the next day. Plus I'm using my new Ipod Shuffle and it's the best for the gym! I don't have to worry about lugging it around or dropping it. I just clip it on my pants and I'm good to go! I was using my big ipod before, but I was always worried I'd drop it - which I did a lot. Thank goodness it had a case!

So, this weekend it's going to be h-o-t here. A group of friends and I are heading to the beach to our friend's beach house. I didn't even go during the summer! But now's my chance. I hope to try out my new bathing suits before the cruise and get a baby tan (as in, a small tan, not like i'm pregnant). Plus it'll give me a taste of vacation for the cruise. Now, about that, here's what's going on with it. So excited!

For our anniversary last October, J bought us cruise tickets. We're going on a 7-day cruise from Princess Cruises to Mexico. Shortie and her husband are going, along with about 10 more (maybe more?). In Puerto Vallarta, Shortie and I are going on a dolphin excursion to play and swim with them. Ever since the episode in Full House when DJ and Stephanie swam with them in their Hawaiian vacation - I've wanted to do it. And that show was on MANY years ago. So, I finally can. I hope they give you a video because I want to always remember that!

There are also 2 formal nights, which I'm looking forward to. I love dressing up! J is also going to teach me how to surf. Before, with my contacts, I was always afraid of going in the ocean and losing them. But now since that's said and done, I can't wait for the experience! He's surfed for many years and really wants me to fall in love with that sport. I had him try snowboarding over winter, but well, that didn't go well. Only fair I try his sport of choice!


Utter chaos

Well, for some reason, all of a sudden, I'm completely enveloped and submerged in work. The past week has just been a flood of emails, new hires, small "fires" and no end in sight. Last week I thought the start of a new week would result in less problems, less chaotic-ness, but no. It's just been more of the same. I don't want to complain, because I know that being busy is a great thing. But since nothing is gained by me being more busy, or less busy, it's almost like what's the point?

J and I went to a small, wonderful Mexican restaurant tonight, had some dinner & margaritas. He wanted to know what would happen if our corporate decided that we had to cut some of the "fat" and which office would have the most impact. Well, we talked about it. If you base it on profitability, our office is one of the worsts. We have such a high overhead, and don't have much in recruited work in order to balance that out. But, if you look at it in the bigger picture, our office does so much to support our corporate office for no extra costs. My co-worker helps with collections, without charging our corporate office for it. I streamline our newhire processes and handling everything for all the offices. That's free too. Sure, I cost money, but it's not as much of a chunk as it costs for our corporate. Anyways, it makes me worry/stress about it. I know that what I do is appreciated because I cause so little headaches and problems. When I send paperwork in, it's 100% complete. No extra work is required (to fix) anything from our HR or security dept or anything. So, that has to count for something, right? Well, I'm still sending out my "feelers" to hire people with Raytheon so we can maybe one day eventually become profitable. So email me! findmework2day@yahoo.com.


A quickie

Well, this has ended up being one of the most exhausting weeks of work. I am not sure why, but every day since Tuesday afternoon there's been about a million little fires to put out. Normally, I might have 3 in a whole week. On Wednesday, I had 4 before lunch time.

Quick update on my eyes. Had another follow-up today. Seems as if my left eye is recovering better/quickly than my right. But he showed me the numbers from my visit last Saturday, and in just 6 days - VAST improvement. So next one's in 2 weeks, and I get to stop wearing my plastic eye protectors at night (thank GOODNESS). Although J did sneak a pic last night! Jerk!! (I know I call him a lot on this thing, but I love him!!) Also, get to cut back on the eyedrops...from 4 times a day to twice a day. Yay!

Have a great weekend!!!


Oh how I love...

Con-calls. Normally my coworker does these. But, she's with our boss at a big meeting today, and so I get the lucky job of doing it!

I went on the first one at 9:30, and basically just worked because it had nothing to do with me. Now it's 10:50 and I'm on part 3 of this, and one more left to go. But we just started this, so who knows when it'll be done???

Just a follow up with yesterday and the "bleeder." I went on my date with J, and FROZE my lil butt off. It was about 40 degrees outside with gushing wind. But I couldn't wear my jeans because I didn't want it rubbing the "bleeder" and having it start up again. So, I had on these capri length cotton pants on, and flip flops (because tennis shoes wouldn't look cute with it). And thank goodness for the mojito's so I stayed somewhat warm!!! Mmm, those were so good.


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