Why's it so hard?

I started looking at wedding dresses long before I was engaged. I think most women do. You might even tear them out of magazines and pile them up. Well, trying on dresses is a whole different experience. I went with J's sister when she was picking out her dress (before I was engaged) and she had me look through and try on a few. It was fun, but definitely not the same as when you're engaged. Before it was for fun, this time it's for real.

I have been to a few stores, and it's not exactly like it is in the movies or on tv. On those things, there's champagne flowing, the dresses fit perfectly, and the first one is the right time. Well, not so much. There's a lot more stress, DESIRE to drink champagne (but none unfortunately is around DAMMIT!), and LOTS of opinions. That was by far the most difficult thing to get around. I wanted it to be a bit more fun and laid back. But no. Everything I tried on was too big, too long, and just didn't look like "me." I felt like I was playing dressup and I wanted to be a BRIDE.

Others have told me "you'll just know." I didn't understand this before I had tried on engagement rings, but I found "the one" after a lot of tries. The rings before just looked like I was borrowing them from someone. But when I found mine, it was perfect. And that's why J bought that exact one instead of having one made for me. He's great like that.

So, back to the dresses, I tried on lace, organza, taffeta, A-line, ball gown, pick-up, trumpet. White, diamond white, ivory. It's amazing how many different styles there are. But none were the exact one. I liked them, some of my family I brought liked them (and, of course, some didn't). i was kinda getting a lil sad because I had been to a few stores, and the dresses' prices were getting more and more expensive. I was getting frustrated and needed to keep my budget in mind.

Then today, it happened. I went to another bridal store that (i thought) had closed a bit ago. But it had just moved. I waited for the woman to help me, and I had marked some dresses I liked. She came over, I showed her, and she had none of them for me to try on. There was one dress hanging on a rack and the front was just gorgeous. It had just enough beading, and just enough style, and looked like it'd show off my body really well. My friend K was there too to help me out.

I put it on, and it was just magic. It was my size, it laced up beautifully, and wasn't even that long (just a side note here. Some dresses were over 6 inches too long on me....) I'm taking my mom tomorrow to get the final approval. And I can't wait to buy it. It'll be my first major purchase towards the wedding. And definitely probably one of the most important :o)


Holy crap it's been ages

My. How the hell have 6 weeks passed and no blog? Probably because for the actual 2nd half of school I was having 2 nights of classes (6-10...sucks) and had to do homework. One of my classes involved a lot more work than the other...Research Methods. For those of you out of the school circuit, (ya know, all 3 of you that read this...lol) research methods is a lovely class most hate. In ours, you had to learn about the whole research project, create a 2 page survey, have 50 people take it, then enter all the data into a lovely program called SPSS. It took 3 hours to enter everything in, but once you do that, the program can do practically any statistical information you ask...in under 5 seconds.

Then, you had to write a Literature Review....another paper thing, and finally, turn in the whole stack of papers that was about 4 inches tall...and that didn't include any of the printouts from your statistical findings. That'd be about another 4 inches. Lots of trees!

But, Lucky to report, Got an A in the class! A- actually. but none-the-less. still an A. Last night I was working on some other stuff for my other class that wraps up next week. I wanted to just skip one of the assignments, but luckily I have a fiance that'd kick my ass. So, while he watched southpark, I sorta-kinda BS-ed my way through the assignment. I know, I suck.

But I'm less than a month away from my birthday, christmas, and the last thing I really want to do is school work. I have 6 weeks off, then I'll be starting another semester of torture. I think I'm going to take 4 classes. But I have to find out if I can. The program director only likes you to take 2, maybe 3 a semester. I'm an overachiever and want to be done by next fall. So, by this time next year, I hope to be a master's graduate that's also survived a wedding. And that'd be one hell of an accomplishment....Especially if everyone around me survives both my educational endeavors....and my wedding. Last week was a bit torturous. I almost didn't survive....


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