Keep the good news coming!

Well, after I made public my decision to go back to school, I started looking more into the program, emailing contacts on the website, all that fun stuff. I also learned that there is a cohort program (same group of students going through the program, attending all the same classes) at the community college by my house. I emailed a person there (pulled the name/email from the site) and she wrote back the next morning that she sent it to the director from the college. I thanked her, then asked if she knew if there was a cohort starting in fall or spring. I was shocked when she replied back saying "Please refer to email below." She wouldn't even take 5 seconds to answer me??? Why was her name on the site as a contact when she wouldn't even help me? Man. Flakey!

So, I sent an email to a person who works directly through the college (not the community college). She was very nice, told me she sent me the packet in the mail, and that "yes" there was still time to enroll for Fall. How is that possible? I have no idea. Most departments have already stopped enrollment for the fall and moved on to those for the spring. So, either they still have room, or they just do things differently? I'm not going to complain.

So, I have this great opportunity right at my feet, practically. I will be completing whatever I need to as soon as possible. I will have to apply (again) for student loans - but can't until I'm accepted. I'm going to take out extra money to pay off my credit cards, buy a new laptop, and other misc. supplies. It just seems too easy/good to be true. Time will tell, but I'm very excited! J has also been thinking of going back, but he can't jump into it as quickly/easily as me. But he'll get there, I'm sure of it!



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