Techie to the rescue!

Yesterday my co-worker bought a desktop scanner and tried installing the software. She then remembered that her CD-rom doesn't "exist" according to her computer. We spent the better half of the afternoon trying to fix this. We tried to download the drivers, search for it to add it again, but no luck. My friend told me to call our IT guys, but they aren't the best in these kind of situations. Believe me.

So, today we decided to try again. She just decided to open up the computer and see if there was something loose. (that would be deemed as a big no-no from the IT guys.) She got it open and we started looking around. We saw where the CD-rom was there (obviously) and also her zip drive. We saw the little power cord and another cord that were connected. But we also found this belt looking thing. One end was plugged into the CD-rom, the other just dangled there. We checked the belt thing for the zip drive, and saw that the belt had one end in the zip drive, and then one end was in the mother board.

It became apparent we had to plug in the CD-rom. And we have no idea how it "fell out" before. It did at one point in time work. So, there was two plugs dangling off this belt. All the other ones were color-matched. White went in white, blue in blue, and black in black. Well, on this belt, the white one didn't reach. We tried and tried, and nothing would make that thing stretch. So, at the end of it, there was a blue plug. I said "hey, we should use that one!" She was nervous, but I pointed out that the black one had different prong spots so it wouldn't fit in this particular slot. BUT, this blue one had the same thing as the white. So I did it. And it WORKED!

Now, if we had actually gone to our IT guys, this is what they would suggest,

Let me hack into your computer (ok)
Hmm, you're right, it's disappeared. Well, did you try downloading new drivers (yes).
Did you try rebooting (yes)
Well, send it to us and we'll work on it, or just go without using the CD-rom.

Yes, that is seriously what they would do. You can't believe how difficult it was for me to let them put in my extra RAM a few months ago. I think I gave them a mild heart-attack.

So, we are very proud of ourselves. We didn't let colorful belts and cords and wires deter us!



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