Are you kidding me??

Today - Friday. Of a holiday week. Should be nice, easy. NOPE.

You've got to be f-ing kidding me. Today, I come in to a manager refusing to obey CA labor laws. I've got a guy who's fallen off the face of the earth (yes, it seems to be a reoccurring story). And then just now, I get a call from a new hire. She was supposed to start Monday, but the manager asked to push it back to the 16th. The recruiter told me she'd call the girl to tell her. But nope, didn't happen. So I had to tell her. Like a rambling idiot. I hate flakes.

But, so the disappearing guy. We've been working with him for a month now, but he was a little slow at first to do everything. Then, it was quickly approaching the time he was supposed to start. I was making calls, the recruiter, and the recruiter's boss. He sent everything in but one thing. We've been after that for the whole week. Today we made the decision he couldn't start on Monday. But, lo and behold, guess who calls me? 3 o'clock on a Friday. The guy. Ya, apparently, his current employer countered, and he's staying there. I guess that he just is a real pain and didn't want to tell us sooner. So now we get to call the manager. I don't like people with shitty ethics like that. I wish I could call his current boss to explain his work ethic. But no, not gonna waste any time on him!

Bring on the weekend. Finally some fun in the sun - going to relax at the beach on Sunday with friends, bbq, and beer. Try the Heineken light, it's super yum.



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