Where's the cortisone?

J and I got the itch again - to visit Colorado. So, we both searched our calendars for the perfect weekend, well, LONG weekend......We settled upon mid August to go visit our friends in Colorado. C&J moved there last August. We ventured there with some other friends during the holiday season (celebrated New Year's there) and really enjoyed it. Of course it snowed, and it was cold, but even that didn't bother us. Bizarre, huh?

So, we decided that we need to see them during the summer, when it's warm. I hope to get outside a lot (maybe even con my cousin who lives there to take us out on her boat) and just enjoy a lovely summer get-away. It is much different than my sister's get-away, but I know we'll have just as much fun. We miss C&J very much, and I know they're just as excited!



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