I'd like a do-over

I wish I didn't get out of bed today. Maybe if I slept in really late, it would have been a better day. Not that it's horrible. But it's not good. I'm getting bothered pretty easily. Manager's being impatient, realizing I forgot to send out some emails yesterday, my sister sending me stupid IMs, just not too fun. And what's worse - we got paid today. Even THAT can't put me in a better mood.

I think it started last night. Well, not last night, but the afternoon? I had such a great day with the excitement of grad school. Then I got a call from my cousin about our other cousin (not his sister) and how she put up these disgusting pics of herself on myspace. I really don't want to get into the history of why we don't really like her anyways ~ but it just bothered me. Then I go home, and I tell J how I'm needy. He says he'll be nice. lol. But no. I ended up making all the dinner. Partly because I just wanted to do it in quiet. He watched tv. We ate. Oh, I think we almost had an argument. But he wanted to avoid it cuz he knew I was just looking for one (that happens when I'm grumpy).

So, the rest of the night went ok. We ate, watched the first Pirates of the Caribean movie (tonight's number two). My alarm went off at 6:40, but I wasn't feeling it. I re-set it for 7. When that went off, I got up, my head hurt, and crawled back into bed next to him. He asked me if I was ok. I said no, my head hurts.

A few minutes later I get up, take a shower, get ready for work. I get to my car, realize I forgot to take out the tri-tips for Father's day (I know, too soon, but my mom swears I needed to take them out this morning), go back and finally get on my way. While driving to the freeway, my gas light goes on. Crap. It's already 8 and I'm still not at the freeway (normally I am practically at work by then). I get gas, and just keep thinking "Coffee's only a few minutes away."

But then I realize, I used the last of the creamer yesterday. Shit. So, I stop at the store. I finally get to work around 8:35. That's pretty late for me. It was just a downward spiral from there. People were just bothering me left and right. So, now it's 4pm, and I'm going home. And I'm going to open a bottle of wine.



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