Happy Anniversary

Well, 11 years ago, my mom, sister, and I packed up our uhaul and moved to our lovely town we now call home. Compared to where I grew up, this is paradise. But, also full of expensive, rich taste, people, stores, cars, homes, etc.

But back then, I was just about to start high school. Actually, before we made the decision to move here, I had already enrolled and was accepted into a high school down there. I was going from a catholic elementary school to a catholic high school. In fact, it was the same one my mom and dad attended, and also my cousin. I remember walking around that place - so old. Everything (my mom said) looked exactly as she had left it about 20 years before. She showed me the room where she took home-ec and sewed her own corduroy jumpsuit (we also found this when we were packing. My lord the 70s were hideous).

So, when we moved up here, I knew only my family. My aunt, uncle, and 3 cousins lived 5 minutes away. And you knew this because every morning that summer my aunt would show up to "motivate" us to unpack. Ya, nothing like being 14 and being excited to unpack!

That summer I also did volleyball camp. That was a problem. I wasn't very good at it. I had bruises on my hips for weeks and ended up not making it. Which is probably a good thing. I knew 1 person on my first day of high school - a girl I met in volleyball camp. I don't think she made it either. Can't remember. But it was quite a shock going from elementary school (practically the same 30 people in my class for the 8 years I was enrolled) to about 600 kids in my freshman class. That campus was massive, but everything was brand new.

The best thing was I no longer had to wear a uniform. I was able to buy and wear whatever I chose. Which, at sometimes, was difficult. I did miss not having to think about what I wore to school every day. But, I loved the opportunity to be an individual and wear whatever.

Looking back I have mixed feelings about high school. I enjoyed it, participated in lots of clubs and activities. I attended almost all the dances, the football games, and the pep rally's. I had some freedom, less worries, and always looked forward to the summer. Of course now, I have money to do things, but also the stress of bills, rent, full-time job, etc. If only we could take some of the carefree parts of high school and mix them in with the "now" to balance things out.



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