Need a minute to unwind...

Well, today has been one of the top 10 worst days at work. I was given a pile of reports to verify and update. And of course, they need them yesterday. It humors me how they wait till the final second to get the info. And reference (multiple times) how important it is to hurry up and finish.

My boss asked me if I wanted to know what the reports were for. I said no. Personally, unless it has anything to do with me making more money, I don't care. Is that a bad attitude? I don't care. I'm tired, my eyes hurt, I have more to do tomorrow, and my new computer arrived today. And since I'm such a nice employee, I'm not even bothering our IT guy to put my stuff on there. Yup, doing it myself. I wonder if I could charge a $200 fee? Probly not.



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