Today's events - great? Not so much.

Well, obviously work started off like any other Friday - but it wasn't a payday Friday. Those are the best. You know you just received a deposit of hard-earned cash. And bill collectors are just awaiting their cash...Not that I have the kind of bill collectors that call me. Just bills in general. Everyone wanting their share.

Anyways, yesterday I got word of 2 different employees from managers. The first came to work on Monday, then didn't show up the rest of the week. He did call, and said he was in the hospital, but didn't ellaborate as to why. The second - he just hadn't shown up at all. My job? Find them.

I spoke to the one who showed up on Monday. Apparently he bought some fish from a wholesale place (I guess a cheap Costco knock-off?) and got food poisoning. He had been sick all week, only living off alka-seltzer. Sucks to be him. Anyways, he told me he'd be at work today. Well, got a call from his manager - apparently he didn't make it in. His phone now says "I'm sorry, this subscriber is not accepting phone calls at this time."


So, the other one, not sure what's going on with him. I called his emergency contact, and it was his son. He said he hadn't heard from his dad in awhile. And, still haven't heard from either of them.

So, around 2:45, my boss gets the Spring Fever and decides we all need to vacate the premises immediately. I still have work to do though. So, I hurry, pack up my stuff, and we're all out of the door by 3:15. The following events occur

3:20 - arrive at CVS to get ant spray, toothpaste, and a new toothbrush. I'm stoked because I had a $2 off coupon on oral products (keep it clean kids) and then a $3.50 off total purchase. I basically got the toothbrush and toothpaste for free.

3:27 - drive past the DMV. Realize I should go in there and update my license to remove the restriction regarding the lenses. Obviously, I'm seeing like a normal person. But, I keep driving.

3:41 - (yes, i'm making up these times, but I think they might be pretty close). A shit-head accord seems to want to pass me on the on-ramp for the freeway. I think "Back off!" and floor it. But, I don't really move that fast. I wonder "hmmmm..."

3:46 - Wow, traffic's moving for a Friday. But it's 3:46...Shouldn't these people still be in work? I keep driving

3:49 - Shit, something's not right. Move all the way to the right to the lil side fake parking area.

3:49 (and 30 seconds) - Hmm. That's a weird sound.........

3:50 - Park. Decide not safe to exit driver's side. Jump across E-brake. Leave car. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK. First EVER flat tire. And I'm on the damn freeway!

3:53 - Call J. Get voicemail (more on this in a bit). Call Honda's Roadside Assistance. Go through all prompts, and speak to a real human. He tells me that I'll get an automated message telling me the ETA for the person to put on my spare. (Yes, I'm a girl, I have no jack, and I'm not doing this on my own).

3:56 - Call J again. Still getting voicemail. Ok, for the side story.....J had to be at work at 4am today. He got off work at 1:30 and ate, then went to bed for a nap. Obviously he must have his phone on vibrate, and can't hear it because the poor guy is exhausted.

3:57 - Call R (co-worker). She asks me if I'm ok. I say yes. I'm not even freaked out (surprisingly). All of a sudden, I have to go. Someone came to help!

3:58 - Metro Freeway Service Patrol guy gets out of his car. He's there to put on my spare! Yay! I learn, though, that he didn't get the call from Honda. He just found me on the side of the road. Yay!

4:15 - Spare's on, MFSP guy leaves. I head on to Costco to get new tires. I am told it'll be 30 minutes, so I stroll around. I then decide to buy this book. Maybe I was just fed up that I was trying to live off of 36 bucks till next Friday (payday). So, I'm currently reading this.

4:45 - Head home. It's so good to be home. J's still sleeping. I check his phone. It's on fucking SOUND!!! I tell him Thanks. I was just on the side of the road and called you twice. He's all grogy. He doesn't get it. I say it again. Then the apologies start flowing. But I'm (surprisingly) not angry. After all, he did get up at 3:15....

So, that's the extent of the day. J and I headed over to my landlord's for a bit. 2 hours later (and also dips, veggies, and shrimp, oh, and he had scotch) we're home. We decide to play cards outside because it's nice. Great relief after the almsot 100 degree temps today (where the hell did THAT come from?)

So, I'm going to be old and go to bed. It's not even 10:30 on a Friday. Oh well!


Reality check

Well, last night I hit the wall of reality. I realized that for once in my life, I have no huge plans for the future, no change will be occuring, and honestly, it's kind of boring. I've moved every year for the past 5 years basically. There are many things I want like any other 25 year old, but I just can't swing it.

Where I live, I'm not really tied in with a lease. I signed one for a year, but anything after that is wide open. The understanding with my landlord is that I won't be moving until we have to, and there are no plans on J and I moving anytime soon. Moving is an expensive task, and since there's no need, we're not moving.

Living in our 1 bedroom place is getting a bit cramped. I look around and see all this clutter and nothing I can do about it. J has a bunch of guitars and there's no coat closet or garage to store them. Right now, they're leaning against a small shelving/storage unit in the living room. There's also a few amps near them too. I've thought about going through the closet to reorganize and see if I can get more storage out of there. But, that is quite a task and it's Tuesday night and I'm not in the mood. Maybe Saturday, maybe Sunday, maybe next month.

I've realized I'm antsy. I have a few little things I can do to pass the time, but nothing huge. I can work on my scrapbook I have for me and J. Or I can work on this other mini scrapbook/photo album with our friends. But what I really want to do is plan a crazy fun trip. Last year we ventured off to San Francisco and stayed in a random, unfamiliar hotel. We walked around the neighborhood to find a good restaurant. We got lost on the trollies and ended up on the wrong side of town. We met up with some friends, had sushi in downtown, and ventured into a Japanese Kareoke bar (quite the experience...they rent out rooms by the hour!). We found our way to the Full House house. But none of that now.

Rent's too high, bills are too high. I know that this is the part of life that is the learning experience and of course I'd rather be dealing with this now instead of in 10 or 15 years when there's kids and a mortgage involved. It still sucks though.

My whole life has been one struggle after another. My dad left my mom when I was almost 8. He was sleeping with a neighbor. She had never worked a day in her life and all of a sudden her world crashed down. She struggled to figure out what to do for work. She hid her tears from us and always put on a smile. She kept us from knowing things were rough, but we knew.

I got my first job when I was 16. It sucked. I worked in a fast food mexican joint. I quit after 4 weeks. I then went and got a job working in a different fast food joint. This was better. The people were great and it helped pass the time. I went away to college and that was fun. I had to work a lot, and that helped build character, and kept me from drinking my life away.

I transferred back home, went to work in retail and quickly became a part of management. I maintained that while finishing up college, then finally moved on to a real office job. Now I find myself making decent money, but I don't feel it because I'm buried under debt. College debt, credit card debt, rent, the list goes on. New cars driving along the city streets tempts me to figure out a way to get one. My car's only 3 years old, but there are so many ways I can improve on it.

How do you fight the desire to just throw all caution to the wind and indulge in the cravings you desire? How do you become satisfied with living the same life day in and day out? I guess that's part of surviving your 20s. Lots of adults brag how their 30s are the best, and I think I figure it's because you've already gone through this crap, and you've learned from your mistakes and you make better choices. But, I still have 5 more years until I get to be in my 30s. I have 5 more years of learning, changing, and making my life better. So, here's to 5 more years!


14 day challenge...

Well, I got paid today. And it sucks because my next pay day is on the 4th, and rent's due on the first. So this whole check (plus some from savings because one paycheck can't cover all the rent...) will be used up for that. To be safe, I already wrote out the check and will be pretending that I paid rent. Because, well, if I don't, when may 1st comes around, I'll really be hurting.

So, my challenge for the next 14 days is to only use whatever's left in my checking account. Sad as it is, it's a whole 36 bucks. I do have money in my savings, but I HATE taking money out of there. I am not a saver, but I like to just let it sit there. I put money in there a bit ago, and I want to see how long I can keep it there. lol.

So, what's that mean for me? Well, for J too. I do the grocery shopping. We don't get a lot at the store, but we'll be getting even less over the next 2 weeks. Or, I make him go. But that doesn't happen. Also, no satisfying spontaneous cravings, unless it won't cost anything...or we already have something to eat at home.

It sucks, but that's apart of growing up, and the struggle till you become financially stable. If that's at all possible....


I still can't focus

I am having real issues focusing on work today. I only have an hour left of work, but my mind checked out at noon. This sucks.

Side note: Oh man. See, I'm having ADD again. Because 10 minutes ago i knew what that side note was. Now, nothing. Dammit...

3 hour dinner.

Well, last night I went to dinner with a friend I haven't really seen since January. We ate, caught up, dished about boyfriends, friends, new things in our lives. All of a sudden, we realized almost 3 hours had passed when her boyfriend called her to say good night. We both said our goodbye's and headed home.

During dinner, one of the topics that came up was about breast augmentations. I swear almost every woman in this town has had one. Even teenagers and twenty-somethings. Ever since high school I always wanted one. Not for the reasons you might think. I know my reason affects many woman out there. I just am tired of dealing with it. J tells me it's not noticeable. I think it is. Then, on the cruise, a guy said "ya, I can tell." Thanks. I wasn't really upset, because he was just being honest. That's what I really wanted. So we both talked about it. Her reasons are slightly different than mine, but the end result would be the same.

In high school, I said I always wanted to get it done right away, like after college. Well, I graduated 3 years ago and I'm still the same. Back then, I never thought about getting the Lasik procedure done, but look at me now. I did it. I didn't save anything for it ahead of time. With using the flexible spending account offered through my employer, I'm taking a hit each month with a lowered net, but at least it's only for this year. By time Dec. 31st rolls around, all $3800 will be paid off.

But, unfortunately, you can't use an option like that for a cosmetic surgery. I wish. I could deal with another year of lowered paychecks and just putting the rest on a credit card. I really wish I could save up for it. But with rent, bills, car payments, student loans, and "fun" items, it's not easily accomplished. J and I talked about it last night, turned into a bit of a disaster...Not that bad, but more of a misunderstanding that resulted in my feelings being hurt. Mainly because I'm a girl, and it's that time of the month.

So, we talked about how he doesn't feel I need it (I told him it's more that I want it, and he can't understand how I feel about the insecurities). But, he was also asking how would I (we) pay for it because of how tight things are now, and how we want to get married, and we'd have to pay for it. Also bringing up the point that eventually we have to move to a bigger place, buy a place, all these things. I understand all his points. I know that there are other things that need money, but this is also something that I've wanted for almost 10 years. I get frustrated because my paychecks cover so much. And his don't. If his did, then it'd alleviate some funds, and allow me to save it for other things. It's just hard. and frustrating. That's all.


One other thing...

Happy anniversary to me and J. 1 1/2 years. woo hoo!

Couldn't resist last night...

So, J tried to make better of the disasterous meatloaf dinner from Monday... he tried pan frying it as really big hamburger-type patties. It sorta worked. It definately was an improvement. But, after dinner, and some Tivo, I decided it was time for dessert. But, all we had was easter candy and I wanted more. I convinced him to come with me and we ventured to Rite-Aid to get some ice cream and root beer. Yup! Root beer floats!! He told me he doesn't really like them, and then I played the girl card saying "but you've never had one from me!" It worked.

So, after being disappointed at Rite-aid (they didn't have ROOT BEER!), we got back in the car, drove across the parking lot, and bought root beer from Vons.

We got home, I made them, and J said "um, what am I to do? How do I eat this?" Men.

I let him know you use the spoon to eat the ice cream, the straw to drink the soda. He figured it out (he's so smart lol) and he told me he really enjoyed it. So, I'm going to have more tonight. It's so good!


5 minute siesta/time-out/dance party break

Yep. I think I've already reached my limit for the day with dumb questions, dumb people, dumb requests....I have just turned up my ipod (Playing Nelly Furtado) and will be taking an un-interupted break for 5 minutes. No phone, no email, no IMs. No one's in my office today. So I can do it.

I've just had a lot going on today. But what's new? I mean, I realized when I came in today that it'd be a little "trying" because my co-worker and boss are at an all day conference. So, that leaves just me for the phones and also the extra requests that normally would be shared for us all.

So, what have I encountered today? I almost don't even want to re-live it. I sent an email out to find out which recruiter was in charge of a new hire and if they did work over the weekend. The recruiter meerely wrote "yup, that's me." Nothing else. I mean, the email was only 1 sentence long. Did he really lose his attention so quickly?? Apparently. I asked him again the question. No response yet. (maybe when I return from my 5 minute break....)

Oh, Brown-Eyed Girl. Love that song. But this is the ska/punk version. Peppy!

So, recently a weekend job posted for Raytheon. Now, it was only a 3 weekend long assignment. And guess how many one of our recruiters hired? 5. And that's even with about 3 others falling through. Do you know how much work is involved with hiring someone? I do. And does that work justify this whole short term assignment? No.

Ahh!! I almost skipped out and read an email. But I remembered - break time. I probly only have a short time left. But, I'll stretch it for one more song...oh, not this one though.. SKIP! No, this one's too slow... SKIP. Ok. I can do this one.

Anyways. Tomorrow is J and my 1 1/2 year anniversary. So, last night I attempted to make a romantical dinner for the two of us (yes, romantical is a word). Anyways, we decided that morning on having meatloaf. He always makes it. Of course, this time, he had to work late last minute, so I was in charge.

He told me to simply read the instructions on the back of the meatloaf spice packet. But, he used this before and so the first half of the instructions were ripped off. So, I had to call my mom. But when you call her for directions, she goes WAY overboard. I told her all I had was breadcrumbs, eggs, and the mix. So, she then said i could use milk instead of water, and blah blah. I was like "just tell me!!!"

So, She did, and I proceeded on making it. Now, I hate touching raw meat. And especially this kind since I had to grind my fingers in it. YUCK. This stuff is getting all over the place. I realized I needed more breadcrumbs...I washed my hands, added more, then kept mixing. Then I realized SHIT! I forgot to put in the meatloaf spice packet!!!

So, I think quickly and just pour it in a bowl, add a bit of water, stir, then pour it over the meatloaf. I mush/mix it, then realized I hadn't greased the pan yet. I wash my hands again, spray the pan, then start forming 2 large meatloafs. Put it in the oven, and we're good to go.

45 minutes later, J realizes I should have had the oven at 400, not 350. We turn it up. about 20 minutes later, I take it out and it looks done. I finish putting everything else together. While I'm lighting the candles (told you it was romantical!!) J says "ummmm...." And then the following occurs

  • Me: What's wrong?
  • J: nothing. It's ok.
  • M: No, seriously, what's the problem. Is it edible?
  • J: No, it's ok. It's cooked.
  • M: then what's the problem?
  • J: well, the consistency...How much water did you say you put in here?
  • M: My mom told me 1/2 cup water, 1/2 cup milk (I didn't tell him about the extra water with the spice packet)
  • J: Ok. Well, this happens to everyone their first few times. I did it about 3 times before I perfected it.
  • M: Well, that doesn't help me! I wanted this to be good!
  • J: It's great! It still tastes fine. It's just a bit mushy

So, I couldn't really eat it. It didn't taste good at all. He ate it. And then halfway through dinner I told him the truth about the extra water and the spices. He just laughed. He told me for next time, add more breadcrumbs.

So, tonight we're going to fry it to see if maybe that will make it crispier. And, I went over my 5 minute break. Oh well!!!


I thought finals were the most difficult thing about college. Not massacres.

I've been keeping tabs all day about the disaster at Virginia Tech. I heard about it on my way into work this morning. At that time, only 1 person had been pronounced dead, but by 10am, the number was quickly increasing. I remember what it was like to be at school. Mondays sucked. Especially if you had to get up early for a class. I couldn't imagine what it would be like to wake up to gunshots.

In just hearing the reports, you can't help but speculate. And, since I majored in Psych and am a female, I also can't help interpreting things in my own way. Well, here's what I think. I think that because the shots first occured in a dorm room, a target was pretty specific. I mean, If you're looking to kill a whole bunch of people, you usually would think of going to a place where a lot of people would be. If you go to a dorm room, there's not many people lingering around at 7am. I know. Usually most of students are hungover or sleeping in. I don't know many that willingly schedule 8am classes on a Monday. That's just torture.

Anyways, so, if the shooter went to a dorm room, he was looking for someone (I say he, cuz usually women don't go shooting all kinds of people. And, well, they've been reporting it's an asian male). So, he's looking for someone. And, I'm guessing, since he later went to another part of the campus, he didn't find who he was looking for. But why shoot people up at the dorms? The only thing I can think of is that whomever he was looking for, wasn't there. And so he started asking the people around there. When no one was responding (because who really can think clearly with a gun pointed at you??) he freaked out and shot them to make them realize he was serious.

**sidebar - so, last night I watched an episode of Medium, where the husband ends up in a hostage situation. To let the cops know that the hostage taker was serious, he shot one of the people there....

Anyways, So, he flees to go find his initial target. At this point, he's got to be out of his mind, freaking out because maybe reality set in that he actually just shot some people. But maybe he's still so frustrated that he can't find the real person. At this point in time, the school is investigating that shooting. They close down the school, but probably only parts because it's a fairly large campus. And, by time word spreads, the second shooting occurs.

Why he shot so many at the second location is bizarre. But, he probably went on a shooting frenzy because he's just psychotic. And, he was in a place where there were more people within range. And then the bastard shot himself? What a wussy way to get out of it.

I feel absolutely horrible and sad for all the families that lost someone today, and for the students that were friends with those who became victim of this madman. Rumors are flooding around that he was distraught because his girlfriend had broken up with him. It's such a shame that a man goes to that length to try to get her back?? Or try to have her hurt as much as he did? It's just not a productive way to get your feeligns across. It's almost as if you're taking the easy way out. Instead of getting to the root of the problem and trying to work through the pain, you just freak out and shoot up a place.


Friday. the best day of the week

Well, it's Friday. My boss has left, my co-worker too, and my other co-worker who works out of our Long Beach, CA office. So, it's just me. I would have left, but I need to use the internet for a few things. And, well, I don't mind sticking around. I got all my packing done for Vegas last night. I just have to pack up my day-to-day things (ya know, toiletries).

But what a day at work it's been!!

In the morning it was quite slow. We all got excited because, there's nothing better than an "easy" Friday. It really helps the transition into the weekend. But, I started coming accross some "hiccups" as the day progressed.

From our primary client, they've been messing up their pay to us. I got a report, and halfway through they correct it, but then overpay. So, have to get that fixed...believe it or not, it's not a good thing to be overpaid. I personally don't mind...lol...but others do.

Then, A manager calls me from our client. He doesn't want to send me copies of an employee's timecard because of the "priveleged" information on there. Hi, it's not so priveleged. I'm allowed to see it. It's not like I'm going to sell it on the streets for a buck. He called me back to let me know that he received "approval" to send it to me. Thanks.

Then, after lunch, my co-worker asks if I remember this one previous hire. The guy accepted the job, then fell off the face of the earth before he sent any of his paperwork back. No one knew what happened to him. Well, she got a call today...Apparently he was arrested and has been in jail this whole time. We tried to see if we could find anything on Google or Yahoo, but nothing.

Also, one of our people hasn't gone to work in two days. I spoke to her yesterday and she didn't mention she wasn't planning on going to work. Searched the same websites just to make sure there weren't any stories about her. There weren't. Guess I have to wait for her to call me back before I found out. Hope she's ok. Whenever I get calls like that, I always remember this one story.

About 2 years ago, I had only been working with my company for a few months. I believe it was October. A manager called us to say that this girl hadn't shown up for work in a few days. He tried calling her cell and hadn't heard back. He finally called us, and we couldn't get ahold of her either. Then, a day or two later, he got an email forwarded to him. It contained a note and a website link. In the note, it stated something to the effect (and I changed the names):

Dear Mr. Smith,

I know that Scott used to work with one of my co-workers. His girlfriend, Susie, worked for us as well. We found out that unfortunately Susie passed away in her sleep. He hasn't been to work, but please forward this to her manager.

Well, we got the link. Apparently Susie passed away due to a brain aneurism. She was about a week or so away from celebrating her birthday. She lived with her boyfriend and their families were out of state. She was only a few years older than me.

So, everytime I get these calls from the manager, I always think of her. I think of how her parents might have felt, or how it was to be the boyfriend that woke up to find her gone. I can't imagine that. It's a horrible thought. But, unfortunately, it was a reality for her family and boyfriend, and it happens all the time every day.

So, I hope this isn't the case with this employee. I hope I hear from her really soon! Have a good one.


I'd like a new car

Not sure why, but just feel like a new one. My car's not old. It's from 2004. Nice lil Honda Civic - 4 door. I was 22 when I got the 4 door, because I had only ever had a 2 door and that sucked. So, I realized I would have that car for awhile, and it would be a better investment to get a 4 door.

My co-worker and I are bored at work today. Not that we have nothing to do, but just don't want to do anything. She's been looking up the BMW and Mercedes SUV's, and I've been looking up the much cheaper types of SUVs. lol. I did a search to see how much I could trade my car in. But, I was looking under the wrong tab. Before I realized that, I was excited to see my car was still worth over $15,000!! Looking at the other SUVs, I realized I could upgrade, and still have the same monthly payment.

Then, she informed me that was the wrong tab. I was looking as a buyer, instead of a seller. When I clicked on the correct one, I found out it's only worth $12,200. Still, that's a huge chunk, but I wanted more! J has an SUV and it's so roomy and fantastic. My car is great, but it could be better. But, I guess I've been hit with a dose of reality and have to wait a few more years before I get a new car :o(


1 Vegas trip down....1 to go

Well, I can't wait for the day when I can finally sit at home on a Saturday and just veg. Last weekend we went to Vegas for my cousin's 21st bday. He brought a group of hilarious friends. We went out to a bar/club/lounge on Friday night at Cesar's Palace called the Shadow bar. Quite interesting. Great music, no cover, sort of strong drinks. They (for some reason) had a Michael Jackson impersonator show up and just dance a bit during an MJ song...Then he left. Weird!

Some funny parts of the weekend:

  • My 40-something uncle hitting on girls WAAAY too young for him...And dancing like he's 20... (ewwww).
  • Loudly yelling "MYSPAAACE" and watching the reaction from our group (one guy starts posing like vogue style, but with more alcohol in his system - fricken hilarious).
  • Giving "high 5's" to your neighbor at the BlackJack table - because you get in trouble if you reach across it to give everyone high 5's.
  • Finding random pics you took the night before but you don't really remember cuz you were drunk.

I really enjoyed everything we did, even though J and I didn't get there till about 10pm and stuff. But we still made the most of it. I'm just glad this weekend we're staying at a hotel actually ON the strip - NY NY. I love that place! Especially the Nine Fine Irishmen bar. Car Bomb anyone???


I can't get no......motivation

Well, it's Wednesday. I could barely get up for work. I almost slept through my shower again. I went to bed at a normal time. I'm still not adjusting from the week off. Grrr. I got to work this morning, and my coffee I made at home wasn't kicking in. My co-worker showed up around 9, and immediately announced she's ready to go home. lol.

After another pot of coffee, and milling around myspace, blogs, and TMZ, I started doing work. Both of us weren't too productive. But it's Wednesday, the weekend is somewhat within reach, but not close enough.

J and I figured out the whole Vegas thing. We're gonna head up after he gets off work on Friday. Sucks, cuz we'll get stuck in traffic. But, I'm wondering, how bad is Friday traffic for Easter weekend? I mean, do people travel a lot for that? Is Vegas going to be super busy? What do people do to celebrate Jesus? I guess I'll let you know!

It's the first year I've ever missed celebrating Easter with my mom. And by celebrating - it means eating a lot, arguing a lot, and watching a movie or two. Even in college - I lived 4 hours up north - I snuck down late Saturday night to surprise her the next day. I think she almost pissed her pants!

But, we have to celebrate my cousin's 21st bday (aww shucks!). He's on my dad's side of the family...so in a way I'm still with family...but just not with my mom. I think she'll be ok. (Or, at least my sister and I hope so).

So, today my boss was reading an article from a business magazine. It had a tiny short blip that went something like this:

A company found a resume for a new hire. After the interview, and checking references, the candidate was a perfect match. They submitted him to a client for hire, and after 10 minutes, the client declined hiring the candidate. Why? Because of the candidate's Myspace page that contained information that boarded illegal activities.

Can you believe that??? I mean, obviously the candidate never would have known the reason for him not being hired. So then my boss gets on a kick where he wants to see what all this Myspace stuff is about. So, he made a page. I haven't seen it yet, but I'm sure he'll find me in due time and ask to be my friend or something. I dont' want to be his friend. He's my boss. But he wanted to find his son that is currently residing in Spain. So, we'll see what happens!


It's called CUSTOMER service....

So, yesterday I got a replacement credit card in the mail because mine expires this month. I call the 800 number to activate it.

The woman on the phone asks me to verify things, and I do. Then she said it's activated, and starts rambling on for seriously 3 minutes about some protection service for a fee so just in case I become injured or unemployed I can suspend payments.

At the end, she asks me if I'm interested and I nicely say no thank you.

She continues on. I say again "I'm sorry, but I'm at work. I'm really not interested."

She contineues on AGAIN. This time I say "Hello? Are you listening to me??"

Then she gets all pissy says " Excuse me????" And hangs up.

I swear. No joke.....I'm still in shock!


Still not ready to work....

Well, this morning, at 6:38am, I was officially hating life. It was the first time in a long time that I couldn't get out of bed. I took a shower with my eyes closed for most of it (halfway through I thought maybe I was dreaming I was awake....).

I made coffee, managed to be out on time. And this week is spring break for hte area - so traffic was a breeze on the freeway. Made it to work only a few minutes past 8 (normally, I get in around 8:15-ish ~ emphasis on the ish). I got here to a note from my co-worker that she'd be out today. I thought I was in for a rude awakening, but it wasn't that bad.

I had about 300 emails. Of those - about 40 were junk/spam, 80 needed to go to my delete folder, and then the rest were half fyi's and half to do's. No big messes, no big nightmares. Of course, I did spend some (ok, MOST) of the day on myspace, doing surveys and looking at some of the pics posted so far....I did do work though. But it's hard to switch immediately from vacation mode to work mode. I'm a transition type of girl!

J got some not so great news. We both realized last month that he was missing one of his W2s from one of the random jobs he had last year. The company he worked for sold in April, and he had a bunch of random jobs until he landed his current one in October. He helped restore a house, was a summer camp counselor, an English tutor to Korean kids, a dental salesman (sold dental supplies, not dentists. lol), and now he's a news reporter. So, anyways, he got ahold of one of the job and they finally emailed him the copy today. He looked at it, and realized the damn place never took out any federal or state taxes. So, his small return turned into the "you owe" type. Needless to say he's a little ticked. Mainly because he really wants to get engaged, but apparently it's just not in God's plan yet. We've wanted to get engaged for a really long time. We've only been dating for a year and a half (in 16 days =) ) but we knew from the start that this was it for both of us. One big hiccup after another puts us further and further away from that goal.

So, maybe in Vegas this weekend we can win big. Or the next weekend. lol. 2 Vegas trips in 2 weeks! Ya, we're high rollers. lol. JK. At least we're having fun while we're just "dating."


No place like home?

J and I (along with our other 11 people) are back home from our cruise. It was an incredible vacation that I'll never forget. I enjoyed having food available 24 hours a day, maid service all the time, laying out whenever I chose, just fabulous. The meals each night were incredible. Since all of that was gratis, I decided to try almost everything they had on the menu. I had escargot and frog legs, tons of steak and seafood. What was great is that you could order as much as you wanted. J ordered about 2 entrees each night and devoured them. One of the other guys on the cruise - E - tried every single chilled soup. He had the cucumber soup, strawberry cream soup, and even a melon soup. He said that most of these should have been dessert items, but it was great to have the opportunity to try all these items.

7 days is a long time to be on vacation for me. I don't think I've been on a trip that long since I was in grade school. Being on such a large cruise ship, and porting in 3 Mexican cities was also a great experience. Puerto Vallarta was by far my favorite. I think it was a mix of the city, but also what we did as a group. We all ventured off together, found a small bar called the Cheeky Monkey, and enjoyed dollar beers all day long. It had an awesome view of the ocean, and J & E decided to go for a quick swim in there. All of the shops were so similar, but also so different. The second day in was at Mazatlan. For that we kept it chill, since the day before was a HUGE drinking day. We took a taxi to a small resort and parked it on the beach all day. Most of the group played beach volleyball, swam in the pool, also enjoyed the huge water slide. The ocean was gorgeous and quite warm.

The last day for porting was in Cabo. I was a bit dissapointed with the town, mainly because we weren't near the huge resorts and I didn't bring the map to know where the fun restaurants were. Shortie and I walked around the marina, saw some really cute baby lions. They looked like Simba and Nala from the lion king. There were also a lot of pedlars with silver jewelry (not sure if it was real) and dressed up iguanas. They all had little hats on, and some had a jacket too. Hilarious.

One of the most exciting things of the cruise was the formal nights. I really enjoy getting dressed up and taking pictures. J looked great in his suit, as did Shortie and her man. Shortie wore dresses, not suits. lol.

It's a shame being back to reality. My land legs aren't back yet, so it still feels like the boat's moving. I'm back to being a normal housewife with the laundry going and mental lists for the grocery store. Back to the work grind tomorrow, which J is extremely upset about. He wants to leave on another vacation tomorrow. We do have 2 more vegas weekends to look forward to. This weekend we're going for my cousin's 21st bday that was last month on the 22nd. Then the week after that we're going to meet up with our friends from Colorado and have the whole group back together. So, back to the daily grind!!!!


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