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Today's been quite a busy Friday. I've had barely any time to chat on ims or look at TMZ.com. That's sad. You should always have a free minute or two each hour to inspect these. And keep a conversation going on AIM.

I've been waiting on a website to start working again for the past 2 hours. Yesterday, I needed to use the website, but it wasn't working. I figured, oh well I'll do it tomorrow.... It's tomorrow, and now that I have time, it's not working! I've done what I can without it, but it's slowly approaching 5 o'clock, and I have a whole evening of busy things to do.

Tomorrow is (finally) my sister's graduation party from college. She decided last month that she'd like to have a party. She asked my dad and step-mom if we can have it at their house. They said yes. She told my mom, and that started the huge fight of the month.

You see, it's not that my mom hates them (dad & step-mom), or that we didn't ask to have it at her house (well, her's and my sister's - they live together). It was that my sister didn't ask. At all. Last year, when my grandma died, my mom went to the funeral (it was my dad's mother), and then to my dad and step-mom's house after the service. She was extremely nervous/hesistant to go. She hadn't really been around them for that long in many years, and never before to their house.

She was able to brave it that day (mainly due to moral support from her best friend, plus her sister was there too - and wine). She knew it was something she had to do - as most of the people there she hadn't seen in years because of the divorce.

So, with this party, it was now another territory problem. I know my sister should have tried to figure out a more neutral location, but my dad's house was utilized well for my grandma's thing, and so this would be better since it's spring. (although note to self - it sure looks really ugly outside. Weird haziness, but hot).

So, I told her that J and I will drive down with her, stay with her, and then she can leave and we'll stay behind to clean so she doesn't have to go through any not-needed awkwardness. I can understand why she doesn't want to go. I wouldn't want to go to my ex's. I wouldn't want to see the nice house he has, the pool, the things inside....Ever since the divorce (and the legal separation that happened about 6 years prior to the actual divorce) her life has been so hard. Never caught a break. Always in debt up to her eyeballs. Finally, she got out of it, then, she hurt her back, was unemployed for about 9 months, and she's back where she was before. She doesn't own a home, and she just doesn't want to see how successful his life has been...I don't blame her.

Anyways, so my dad was in charge of getting the tables to rent, the main dish (tri-tip) and all the booze (beer/wine). My mom was in charge of the side dishes, appetizers, and dessert. She loves to cook. So tonight is going to be a night filled with chopping, mixing, cooking, cutting, dipping, heating, and storing. I'd tell you what we're making, but it's too many things to list. I honestly don't even know if I'll make it through the night. I feel like I'd be that mom from that Rice Krispie's commercial so many years ago. Although she faked the flour on her face. Mine might be real.

So, it should be an exciting day, hopefully little drama. But with my family, and their friends, and their family - you really can't expect anything NOT to happen.



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