I need 1 more day off.....

It's monday, I'm at work, and I could really use a day off. I know I just had 2 off. But 1 more isn't too much to ask ~ is it?

Friday night I saw Knocked Up. That is one of THEEEE funniest movies I've ever seen. I also got some sun on Saturday, had a girl's night in that night (ate A LOT!) and then yesterday relaxed and had dinner with my mom & sis.

But why am I so tired? Don't know. Maybe it's all this heat. Heat makes me want to sleep. I woke up today also, with a horrible headache. So that's not fun. Plus I got an invite to a friend's bridal/wedding shower that's in 3 weeks, and not really a lot of time to find an inexpensive flight to go up north.

Shortie, me, and our men have already booked our hotel for the wedding that's in October. We're hoping Shortie can make it - she'll be 8 months pregnant at the time. But we found some great rates on a hotel because of the advance notice. With the wedding shower, Shortie doesn't think she can make it, another friend (who I was hoping to stay with up north) will be out of town....and the flights are more than I would have expected. So, at this rate, I think I have to decline. I just wish I had an extra week or two notice to reserve a great deal. But I know it's not the bride's fault - she's not planning it ;o)

And what the hell happened to 2007? Next week is the 4th of July? How did that happen? But, I did get my FAFSA filled out to pay for grad school. They apparently think I can afford to pay $13k a year for school. LOL. ya right! Loans - here I come!



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