Kinda/sorta/lil bit nervous..

Last night, J's oldest brother, wife, and 2 kids arrived for a week vacation out here. His brother is in the armed forces and has been in Korea since just before Thanksgiving last year. He's got a month off, and the fam decided to come out to visit. It's been about 2 or so years since they all came out.

I am meeting the wife and kids tonight. I met his bro last year when he came out for a few days before the big send-off to Korea. Cool guy. But not sure about the wife. She was the cause for most of the drama regarding J's bday/V-day gift. That was pretty much the last time we ever myspaced each other (she found me on there, but I'm not hard to find when i'm friends with her husband and sister-in-law). Anyways, since that all happened, I know J said it wasn't a big deal, but I'm just a little nervous to meet her. I know she'll act totally "normal" which should probly be read as "fake." Oh well.

Just a few more days to the weekend. And 2 awesome parties. And an extremely hung-over Sunday (hopefully).



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