Start of a long weekend. Sort of.

Last night E$ and I headed up north. We arrived around 11 and were excited to finally get to sleep. She had been up since 4am EST with her flight and only was able to score a 1 hour nap. And she drove. But it was a rental - a brand new Mazda 3. Very sporty. We had the Ipod's going and she kept battling me with controlling the volume from the steering wheel. I think that's the coolest thing. I wish my car had that. Oh well!

Before we headed out, we stopped at 7-Eleven for some slurpees and waters. Outside there was this kid and he just kept looking at us when we pulled up. And when we got out, he slowly started walking towards us. I told E$ "Um, do you get the heeby jeebies from him?" She said he's probly looking for someone to score him cigs or beer. I guess. But it was still weird.

As we left, he's like "cool car". I'm like LET'S GET THE F OUT OF HERE!

So, our drive up was uneventful, and got in around 11. Now I'm alone in their house with their dog. She keeps roaming around the house. I wonder if this is what she does every day. I wonder if she is wondering who I am. And why I'm sitting at her parents kitchen counter? Oh well, She keeps wanting to play, but she's not good at it. I throw her stuffed animal, and she comes back with it, but won't let it go to let me throw it again. She'll learn some day!



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