Just a week left!

Well, only one week till I start classes again. I've got everything ready to go, including all the reading I have to do before I get to class next week. I don't think I've had to do work to prep for the first day. But oh well, can't complain with just one class to attend a week :o)

I also purchased a new laptop this week. Macbook. Quite interesting. I'm still getting used to the different features and what not. I love the photobooth application. It's a lot of fun. Tomorrow J and I head to Colorado for the weekend to visit our friends. I'm excited! We have a lot of tentative plans, and hopefully most (if not all) of them occur.

In following up with the family situation that has recently arouse with my dad & stepmom, I've talked to my sister about her thoughts. I'm a bit frustrated with her at the current moment. After she returned from Europe, he took her out to lunch to talk to her about the recent turn of events. He says the meeting went well. She called me hysterical on the phone. Apparently it brought up all the past thoughts and emotions she's been holding on to since her childhood.

I don't have the same memories and thoughts as she does from our childhood. Things were a bit different for the two of us. Part of the differences are the cause for the recent things she's been going through. But what makes me the most frustrated is the fact that she has all this going on, and won't tell him. She won't say anything. Why? Not sure. But I know it's not healthy. I know this will come up in the future, especially if/when the baby comes home to their house for good. I haven't been able to figure out a good way for her to understand why she needs to talk to him, but I'm still working on it...



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