Over joyed

This weekend was the best weekend ever. And I do mean EVER. After almost 2 years being together, J proposed in the best way I could have wanted. I always wonder what he'd do when the time came. Would it be somewhere that was reminiscent of something from before? Would it be on a special trip? Special dinner? Would it be memorable? While it didn't happen in an over extravagant way, the way in which it would happen I'll never forget. He shocked me. Mostly because he kept it secret! He asked for permission and the blessing from my mom, dad, step-mom, sister and my aunt & uncle. He's been looking for awhile, he's made a few trips, and he said it was hard because he wanted to tell me so bad!!!

Being engaged is one of the best feelings. I keep finding myself staring at my ring (which J's sister told me to be careful with - she got engaged 2 months ago, and has almost been in a few car accidents...) but it's just so gorgeous, I can't help it. We went looking a few weeks ago (I did learn that the urge from his sister was planned all along) and I found the one that I wanted. And J did everything to get the one I wanted. So now let the planning begin. I'm so excited. I don't want to do any homework, just looking online, planning. But I do have to keep school in mind. We're winding down with the first section of classes. I only have 3 classes left, and at the last one my huge term paper. And so many things are going on, it's starting to get a little more difficult getting everything done! But J said he'd kick me if I don't do my work. But sometimes there's just many more fun things to do.



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