Mixed thoughts...

Last week, we started getting calls from India. But my boss actually took them. Apparently this company out there does recruiting and offers a 3 day trial to see if you like what they can find. You send them an open position, they'll pull resumes and send them to you. If you like the selection, and you feel they are good candidates, then after the 3 days you can hire them...for $11/hr.

My boss talked with our VP to see about trying them out. They decided to give them a 3 month long contract. When we started getting calls from India, my co-worker and I had our own thoughts on it...But we thought maybe my boss wouldn't like them after 3 days and drop it.

But no. So now they're recruiting for us. And I don't believe this is right. I told him. I said that in my opinion, I don't agree with it. He replied that they can help us keep our jobs. But at what cost? I mean, so many people lose their jobs here because of out-sourcing to India. I mean, we work with some of these folks to find them new jobs because they lost their old ones. While I would like to keep my job, I don't necessarily agree with the path we're taking to get that done.



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