Just quick thoughts..

It's almost lunch time, so here's the quick list of this past weekend, and what's going on....more later when I have caught up from being out of the office on Friday....

  • Small towns have their advantages. IE - cheap, but good, food. Case in point - on Saturday E$ and I went to have breakfast at the local airport...It's only really for those people with lil 2 seater planes. Both of us ate for 10 bucks (and it was goooooood).
  • Watch out in Indianapolis - While eating dinner, we saw this guy across the street grab his face as a huge group of people walked past him. Turns out one of them hit him in the face and just kept walking....I later found out this happened to another guy (friend of a friend) - but he was driving in his car! Watch out!
  • Shopping to kill time is dangerous. E$ and I spent some time on Sunday at the Indianapolis mall...more specifically - Nordstroms. Luckily it all fit in my suitcase & carry-on!
  • LAX - even busy at 10pm on Sunday! When our plane (finally) landed last night, we got stuck circling around on the tarmac because there were no available gates for us to pull into. Finally around 11 we were able to off-load by the Delta planes (we were flying Continental).

The major thing that I have to report is that I did decide to go ahead and apply for that job in HR. I worked with E$ on revising and updating my resume. I think I'll either apply tonight or tomorrow. I sincerely doubt I'll even get a call back, but it never hurts to try!



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