A little sad, a little pathetic

Last night I was watching the season finale of Real World: Denver, Colorado. I visited Colorado for this past New Year's with a huge group of friends. One couple moved there last year so we all made the trip out there. Gorgeous place.

Anywhoo. While watching it, I was sort of bothered by Davis. He was the gay one (ya know, they throw them in there, plus an african american, couple of white girls, and one person who's never met a homosexual before). Anyways, at the beginning of the season he stated he wanted to prove to the world that you can be gay and monogamous. Well, in this episode, turns out he hadn't kept his promise. He's balling and balling because his boyfriend dumped him (surprise, surprise).

Anyways, then they start packing and I realize SHIT. I'm too old to be on this show now. I think the age group is 18-24 or something like that. I'm 25. How am I too old to be on that show? I wouldn't WANT to be. But still, it's nice to have the option. I guess I'll have to just keep my hopes up for American Idol (although disclaimer - I can't sing...well. I can sing, I just I'd be one of the ones they put up there to be funny than to show actual proof of talent).

Tonight's American Idol's finale. Last night it became apparent early on (well, after the first round of songs) that Jordin deserves it. Blake will do great with his different approach to music, but she's got the lungs. But I really didn't think it was such a good idea to sing that Christina Aguilera song...I was cringing on the couch.



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