My cousin sent me an email today. It's a job posting for our city for a position in HR. I doubt I'm even qualified for it. I read over the description, the job duties, and I know I could learn and do a great job, but I also don't think I know enough to even be considered.

I'm torn because I have so much going on with my work, so many contacts, relationships, obligations. I like my work environment, like my boss & co-workers. But I also never want to be stuck. I've had 2 major jobs in my life that lasted a number of years. In hs, I worked at a toy store for about 2 years. I loved being there. When I graduated and moved away, I was able to come home and work on breaks. When their management structure changed, I left.

After that, I got a job in retail. I worked when I was in college up north, and then relocated when I got back here. I was promoted, and stayed there for the rest of college. Well, most of it. In my last semester, I got a great opportunity for a new position at a different retail chain, much better pay, and so I did it. When I got there, I realized I hated it. My work ethic was much differently than theirs. I worked hard, they liked to hardly work. That frustration led to me quitting to get my current job.

This summer, it'll be 3 years that I've worked there. My job duties seem to grow all the time. I like that. I like the challenges and the different things I do. But right now with our main customer, we're at a changing point. The next few months will tell a lot.

I'm only 25, and I know that there's a huge world out there for me. I get scared thinking that I'll eventually have to grow up and move out into a different type of work environment. I can't always have a job where I can work in jeans and flip flops. I'll have to be one day in a more corporate environment. But it's so scary. I want to get myself into the HR field. I believe that's what I want to do. When I got into this job, I told my boss about that. He's been supportive with that goal. Unfortunately, work's so busy that I often don't have the time to enroll in a class or a weekend training to learn more and apply accordingly. But I know I can't stay in the same spot forever. And that's kind of unnerving.



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