Well, tonight I spent preparing for the interview tomorrow for the MPA program. I finished up my statement of purpose - which was actually a bit more difficult than I expected. E$ and Shortie helped me out. I just felt like everything I was writing was really awkward. J told me I was just over-analyzing. But I can't help it. It's sort of in my nature.

So, I emailed it again one last time to E$ and Shortie. Then I got sucked into the web. I started checking myspace, sending Shortie comments, looking at blogs, all kinds of things. It was just so difficult to focus on the task at hand. But I managed. I wrote out some answers to questions I might hear. It seems funny. But it helps to bring your mind to a particular time or event or something that you can recall. The one thing E$ asked me about was to tell an interesting/funny story thing. Something that isn't too awkward or corny. I'm still working on that one. I do love our wedding story - parts make it funnier (like when my new pants busted open at the zipper - and we couldn't get them off...And did I mention this happened outside and I had to walk about 50 feet to get inside to the bride's room? Ya...that was fun).

But I have a few things in mind. And I have my little portfolio/padfolio thing with all the documents I need. I have my outfit in mind. I am going to get it all ready before I head to bed. I need some extra time in the morning...Today I couldn't get my ass out of bed before 7am. So that can't happen tomorrow!



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