I survived the 4th of July. The party on the 3rd was definitely one of the bests. That block really knows how to entertain. They had a huge bounce house for the kids on the street (and time out for the drunk 20-somethings at night) and then a huge inflatable water slide. Man! Jealous!

But the best part was hanging out with friends, reminiscing about old times. Talking about high school, the things we liked, the funny stories that happened on a particular new years and just everything since then. It's so easy to get stuck on things like that. The next night one of the guys kept wishing and hoping he could go back - life was much easier, no bills, no debt, and good times. Of course, we seem to forget the shitty stuff that happened. Boy drama, girl drama, having no money for anything, not being able to drive, not being able to drink (although some probly did. I didn't till I was out of high school), and of course, rules.

My mom wasn't too bad with the rules. My sister and I didn't really have any. Maybe it was her guilt of us coming from a divorced household. Or it was maybe her way of not being like her mom growing up. She came from a strict family and never really went anywhere. My dad and her started dating in high school, and I know there are stories of them having fun and going out, but nothing too crazy.

I wonder how I'll be as a parent. Will I be strict, or even more relaxed since I wasn't raised with many rules or restrictions? Will I be the "fun" mom, the caring one, or the aloof one? who knows. I have a long time to worry about that!



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