Hawaii? Yes please!

Today we met one of our employees that works in Hawaii. Well, she lives there. She lived in CA practically her whole life. For the past 20 some years, she'd go out to Hawaii almost every year for vacation - or tried to schedule it with work for trainings. 2 years ago, she bit the bullet and decided to move there. She was telling us of the small house she has, but it's worth it because of where she gets to call "home."

I'm jealous of this bravery. J and I talk all the time about moving to Colorado. But that's still only a 16 hour drive or a 3 1/2 hour plane ride. You can't drive to/from Hawaii. Kiss family good bye. It's not like travelling to a state where it's not necessarily a vacation spot so the fares are cheaper. But Hawaii? Everyone wants to go there! I do. I still have never been. I hope to be there sometime soon within the next few years. We have a wedding to plan/save for!



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