No place like home?

J and I (along with our other 11 people) are back home from our cruise. It was an incredible vacation that I'll never forget. I enjoyed having food available 24 hours a day, maid service all the time, laying out whenever I chose, just fabulous. The meals each night were incredible. Since all of that was gratis, I decided to try almost everything they had on the menu. I had escargot and frog legs, tons of steak and seafood. What was great is that you could order as much as you wanted. J ordered about 2 entrees each night and devoured them. One of the other guys on the cruise - E - tried every single chilled soup. He had the cucumber soup, strawberry cream soup, and even a melon soup. He said that most of these should have been dessert items, but it was great to have the opportunity to try all these items.

7 days is a long time to be on vacation for me. I don't think I've been on a trip that long since I was in grade school. Being on such a large cruise ship, and porting in 3 Mexican cities was also a great experience. Puerto Vallarta was by far my favorite. I think it was a mix of the city, but also what we did as a group. We all ventured off together, found a small bar called the Cheeky Monkey, and enjoyed dollar beers all day long. It had an awesome view of the ocean, and J & E decided to go for a quick swim in there. All of the shops were so similar, but also so different. The second day in was at Mazatlan. For that we kept it chill, since the day before was a HUGE drinking day. We took a taxi to a small resort and parked it on the beach all day. Most of the group played beach volleyball, swam in the pool, also enjoyed the huge water slide. The ocean was gorgeous and quite warm.

The last day for porting was in Cabo. I was a bit dissapointed with the town, mainly because we weren't near the huge resorts and I didn't bring the map to know where the fun restaurants were. Shortie and I walked around the marina, saw some really cute baby lions. They looked like Simba and Nala from the lion king. There were also a lot of pedlars with silver jewelry (not sure if it was real) and dressed up iguanas. They all had little hats on, and some had a jacket too. Hilarious.

One of the most exciting things of the cruise was the formal nights. I really enjoy getting dressed up and taking pictures. J looked great in his suit, as did Shortie and her man. Shortie wore dresses, not suits. lol.

It's a shame being back to reality. My land legs aren't back yet, so it still feels like the boat's moving. I'm back to being a normal housewife with the laundry going and mental lists for the grocery store. Back to the work grind tomorrow, which J is extremely upset about. He wants to leave on another vacation tomorrow. We do have 2 more vegas weekends to look forward to. This weekend we're going for my cousin's 21st bday that was last month on the 22nd. Then the week after that we're going to meet up with our friends from Colorado and have the whole group back together. So, back to the daily grind!!!!



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