Luckiest day ever?

Well, maybe for the next 1000 years. I know of a lot of people who headed to Vegas for the weekend. But at rooms ranging from $300+ a night, I prefer to stay home. And what service! J woke me up to pancakes, eggs, and coffee. He hasn't done that in forever. And they were so yum.

Last night we went and saw Live Free or Die Hard. It was good, lots of crazy stunts and stuff that obviously wouldn't happen in the real world. But it was nice to see a good action film. I believe this is the last Die Hard that will be made. But who knows, guys like that (Bruce Willis, Harrison Ford...) like to make the movies that made them famous back in the day. As long as it will be a good movie, go ahead. But, if it's just to make another one, and the writing/acting/stunts suck...Just leave it alone.

This weekend is the final hurrah for some of J's friends. One's heading away to school and another is finally going to relocate to this super small town on the central coast. His wife's been there for almost a year now, but he has been here working and trying to get their home sold. Finally, after a year's worth of work and waiting, they finally sold it and can move up there. Of course all the guys give him a hard time. This town is not known for much. But we told him it's a great time to invest in some flannel plaid shirts, shit kickers, and cowboy hats. And belt buckles :o) He's defiantely not that type. But I know J will be sad again. Just a year ago his best friend moved away and that was pretty tough. Even though they all joke, I know they're all quite sad. Another chapter of their lives have ended, but together the ones remaining will work on a new adventure.

Hopefully involving less craziness. But the craziest of them all are the ones still here!



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