Friday. the best day of the week

Well, it's Friday. My boss has left, my co-worker too, and my other co-worker who works out of our Long Beach, CA office. So, it's just me. I would have left, but I need to use the internet for a few things. And, well, I don't mind sticking around. I got all my packing done for Vegas last night. I just have to pack up my day-to-day things (ya know, toiletries).

But what a day at work it's been!!

In the morning it was quite slow. We all got excited because, there's nothing better than an "easy" Friday. It really helps the transition into the weekend. But, I started coming accross some "hiccups" as the day progressed.

From our primary client, they've been messing up their pay to us. I got a report, and halfway through they correct it, but then overpay. So, have to get that fixed...believe it or not, it's not a good thing to be overpaid. I personally don't mind...lol...but others do.

Then, A manager calls me from our client. He doesn't want to send me copies of an employee's timecard because of the "priveleged" information on there. Hi, it's not so priveleged. I'm allowed to see it. It's not like I'm going to sell it on the streets for a buck. He called me back to let me know that he received "approval" to send it to me. Thanks.

Then, after lunch, my co-worker asks if I remember this one previous hire. The guy accepted the job, then fell off the face of the earth before he sent any of his paperwork back. No one knew what happened to him. Well, she got a call today...Apparently he was arrested and has been in jail this whole time. We tried to see if we could find anything on Google or Yahoo, but nothing.

Also, one of our people hasn't gone to work in two days. I spoke to her yesterday and she didn't mention she wasn't planning on going to work. Searched the same websites just to make sure there weren't any stories about her. There weren't. Guess I have to wait for her to call me back before I found out. Hope she's ok. Whenever I get calls like that, I always remember this one story.

About 2 years ago, I had only been working with my company for a few months. I believe it was October. A manager called us to say that this girl hadn't shown up for work in a few days. He tried calling her cell and hadn't heard back. He finally called us, and we couldn't get ahold of her either. Then, a day or two later, he got an email forwarded to him. It contained a note and a website link. In the note, it stated something to the effect (and I changed the names):

Dear Mr. Smith,

I know that Scott used to work with one of my co-workers. His girlfriend, Susie, worked for us as well. We found out that unfortunately Susie passed away in her sleep. He hasn't been to work, but please forward this to her manager.

Well, we got the link. Apparently Susie passed away due to a brain aneurism. She was about a week or so away from celebrating her birthday. She lived with her boyfriend and their families were out of state. She was only a few years older than me.

So, everytime I get these calls from the manager, I always think of her. I think of how her parents might have felt, or how it was to be the boyfriend that woke up to find her gone. I can't imagine that. It's a horrible thought. But, unfortunately, it was a reality for her family and boyfriend, and it happens all the time every day.

So, I hope this isn't the case with this employee. I hope I hear from her really soon! Have a good one.



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