I wish I took pictures...

Today I went on a major cleaning spree. I woke up at 10, and cleaned all the way till almost 1. It was exhausting. My shower is pretty clean. I still can't get it 100%. Kitchen is spotless, everything is vacuumed. J came home and said "wow, this place is really clean!"

Ya. I spent a lot of time. I know tomorrow when I get up my arms and stomach and back are going to ache. But when J came home, I told him that all I needed him to help with is clean the bathroom (mirror & sink). He said "ok" and turned on his movie. I finished the load of laundry, said I was gonna nap for an hour, and just assumed that bathroom would get cleaned sometime tomorrow...or next week.

When I woke up from my nap, I went to go take a shower, and realized "HOLY SHIT. He CLEANED!!" That tile on the counter was so damn clean, I almost cried. I was thrilled with it. I mean, he paused his movie and cleaned. I mean, for him to pause it was seriously a development.

I probly won't clean like that for another 4 months. Just doing all that cleaning just wiped me out. But it's nice to see everything that way. I was sad to get ready today, cuz that means the mirror for my makeup sits back on the counter, my hair dryer and 3 brushes will be on the counter, and it won't be 100% perfect for awhile.

Last night's game was fun, and I also have to post the crappy pics, but the really good video I took. After the game the stadium had about 20 minutes worth of fireworks. It was the first of their season. Love that! Makes you feel like a kid again :o)

Happy Mother's Day!



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