Made a good accomplishment...at the end of a crazy day

Well, so far it seems as if every Friday gets more and more crazy. Last week was the flat tire friday, then there the friday when we found out a guy was arrested and couldn't start work, and before that were all the friday's before the Vegas trips.

Today was no different. 3 phone calls within the first 2 hours of work that people didn't get their full pay. 1 got a check because we really got her timecards on time, but 2 were out of luck as we never got them, and therefore are considered late. Also found out that one of our pendings had to be formally let go, bad background. Then a guy calls - FedEx didn't drop off some checks, his included, and he was mad. We offer direct deposit for all employees to avoid situations like this. But, he says he doesn't "do" direct deposity cuz he has problems. Well, HE doesn't have problems, but he'd always have problems with direct deposits. Oh well.

I did get paid today, which leads me to my title of this particular blog. Last year, I bought a fridge for my place. I had to, and decided to just go "new." I put it on a Lowe's credit card and just finally decided (almost exactly a year later) that I need to just pay the damn thing off. $198.21 to be exact. So I did. So now I only have 2 (huge) credit cards left. They both have their pros and cons. The higher balanced one has a much lower interest rate, so every payment really takes down some of the principle. The other one has a lower balance, but a HUUUUUGGGGEEE interest rate. So every time you pay the minimum, you only put like, 5 bucks towards the principle. (slight exageration there...) Anyways, with the Suze Orman YF&B book, I'll be working on putting more towards the lower balanced/higher interest card until that one is gone. And she has a calculator on her site. If I pay the same $175 each month, she tells me it will only take me 3 years to pay off. Imagine that! Hopefully some months I can put more towards it! lol.

Anyways, however you spend your weekend, have a good one!



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