Today's events - great? Not so much.

Well, obviously work started off like any other Friday - but it wasn't a payday Friday. Those are the best. You know you just received a deposit of hard-earned cash. And bill collectors are just awaiting their cash...Not that I have the kind of bill collectors that call me. Just bills in general. Everyone wanting their share.

Anyways, yesterday I got word of 2 different employees from managers. The first came to work on Monday, then didn't show up the rest of the week. He did call, and said he was in the hospital, but didn't ellaborate as to why. The second - he just hadn't shown up at all. My job? Find them.

I spoke to the one who showed up on Monday. Apparently he bought some fish from a wholesale place (I guess a cheap Costco knock-off?) and got food poisoning. He had been sick all week, only living off alka-seltzer. Sucks to be him. Anyways, he told me he'd be at work today. Well, got a call from his manager - apparently he didn't make it in. His phone now says "I'm sorry, this subscriber is not accepting phone calls at this time."


So, the other one, not sure what's going on with him. I called his emergency contact, and it was his son. He said he hadn't heard from his dad in awhile. And, still haven't heard from either of them.

So, around 2:45, my boss gets the Spring Fever and decides we all need to vacate the premises immediately. I still have work to do though. So, I hurry, pack up my stuff, and we're all out of the door by 3:15. The following events occur

3:20 - arrive at CVS to get ant spray, toothpaste, and a new toothbrush. I'm stoked because I had a $2 off coupon on oral products (keep it clean kids) and then a $3.50 off total purchase. I basically got the toothbrush and toothpaste for free.

3:27 - drive past the DMV. Realize I should go in there and update my license to remove the restriction regarding the lenses. Obviously, I'm seeing like a normal person. But, I keep driving.

3:41 - (yes, i'm making up these times, but I think they might be pretty close). A shit-head accord seems to want to pass me on the on-ramp for the freeway. I think "Back off!" and floor it. But, I don't really move that fast. I wonder "hmmmm..."

3:46 - Wow, traffic's moving for a Friday. But it's 3:46...Shouldn't these people still be in work? I keep driving

3:49 - Shit, something's not right. Move all the way to the right to the lil side fake parking area.

3:49 (and 30 seconds) - Hmm. That's a weird sound.........

3:50 - Park. Decide not safe to exit driver's side. Jump across E-brake. Leave car. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK. First EVER flat tire. And I'm on the damn freeway!

3:53 - Call J. Get voicemail (more on this in a bit). Call Honda's Roadside Assistance. Go through all prompts, and speak to a real human. He tells me that I'll get an automated message telling me the ETA for the person to put on my spare. (Yes, I'm a girl, I have no jack, and I'm not doing this on my own).

3:56 - Call J again. Still getting voicemail. Ok, for the side story.....J had to be at work at 4am today. He got off work at 1:30 and ate, then went to bed for a nap. Obviously he must have his phone on vibrate, and can't hear it because the poor guy is exhausted.

3:57 - Call R (co-worker). She asks me if I'm ok. I say yes. I'm not even freaked out (surprisingly). All of a sudden, I have to go. Someone came to help!

3:58 - Metro Freeway Service Patrol guy gets out of his car. He's there to put on my spare! Yay! I learn, though, that he didn't get the call from Honda. He just found me on the side of the road. Yay!

4:15 - Spare's on, MFSP guy leaves. I head on to Costco to get new tires. I am told it'll be 30 minutes, so I stroll around. I then decide to buy this book. Maybe I was just fed up that I was trying to live off of 36 bucks till next Friday (payday). So, I'm currently reading this.

4:45 - Head home. It's so good to be home. J's still sleeping. I check his phone. It's on fucking SOUND!!! I tell him Thanks. I was just on the side of the road and called you twice. He's all grogy. He doesn't get it. I say it again. Then the apologies start flowing. But I'm (surprisingly) not angry. After all, he did get up at 3:15....

So, that's the extent of the day. J and I headed over to my landlord's for a bit. 2 hours later (and also dips, veggies, and shrimp, oh, and he had scotch) we're home. We decide to play cards outside because it's nice. Great relief after the almsot 100 degree temps today (where the hell did THAT come from?)

So, I'm going to be old and go to bed. It's not even 10:30 on a Friday. Oh well!



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