Finally, a calm day...

Well, Today's the first day in a few days that work has been a bit calmer. Sure, still processing a ton of new hires. But the drama has been low...For the most part. We currently have 2 more people that have bad backgrounds. I couldn't believe it, we had the exact same scenario happen again this week! Ok, so I thought I blogged about it. But I guess not. Basically someone knew they had a horrible record, and didn't really have an "active" driver's license because of the trouble they got into. So, they thought they'd be smart and just not put in their driver's license number for their background so it wouldn't be found. Ya. not so much for them. Weirdos.

But, the day has flown by. Tomorrow hopefully will to. I have a hair appt. at 4:30, then J and I are going to the dodger game with my aunt and uncle. It's Fireworks night!! Last year we went with Shortie's parents and a bunch of other people for the 4th of July. The stadium just does a really good job with the fireworks. I'm very excited!



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