I guess it was good to suffer...

About 2 months ago I went to have a mole removed. I had one removed about a year prior, and they ended up removing the rest of it. It was a bloody fiasco. Well, I got a call from the doctor yesterday (actually, he left a message at my mom's house). So, I called him back and was told that he was on the phone and would get back to me.

2 hours later I still hadn't heard back. I tried calling him again, and now I was told he was with patients and would call me. I figured it must have been just to tell me I was ok. Obviously if something was horribly wrong, I wouldn't have been put on hold for so long about these results.

So, he does call me back. He said that the one they removed (that I actually went there for) was benign. But, he said for hte one behind my knee, that was a whole other story. He said that it was precancerous but I should be fine since it was removed. He wanted me to schedule a follow up in a month or 2 and have it looked at. He said that I wouldn't have any problems as long as nothing grows back.

Back the train up. What? I could have had cancer? What's the difference between a precancerous mole and a cancerous mole?

Now I'm freaking out because I had canceled an appointment to have one removed from right above my ear. I was afraid I'd bleed to death (not literally) because of how much the other one bled. And I'm afraid because what if they shave my hair off! Obviously not all of it. But still! Sure, call me vain. But that's a scary thought.

Another scary one is that I have cancer growing on the side of my head.

So, I called today, set up a followup and will see about getting that other one removed. And I'm bringing someone with me. And lots of paper towels.



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