Just a few more days

Well, it's just a few more days till the end of the week. Till the end of my challenge, till Cinco de Drinko, and possibly till a glorious afternoon in our town with lots of food and drink, for free! That one isn't in the bag yet, but J should found out soon if we can go. It's a pretty cool event - lots of local restaurants and businesses attend, offering some of their best cuisine and drinks. It's all inclusive with the purchase of the ticket. But, he might score 2 from his bosses. Nice!!

I was speaking with my friend on AIM today. We were discussing Coke's from McDonald's. You know, why they're soo great and so different from other restaurants. I explained to him that the syrup formula is still the same, but they add more CO2 to the mix in order to give it a different taste than other places. Many years ago, I worked in an fast food type place, and the topic of Coca Cola came up. A bunch of us wondered why it tasted different at different places. That was the reason we were told. I always wanted to crank up the CO2 there, but it was chained up and away from us measly employees.

So, I told him how I'd blog about it, give him a shout out - Hey JS! Anyways, I told him he should create a website that people can use to rate the different types of Coke's in the world (the beverage, not the drug). On the site, you can type in a location (approximate would work) and then rate their coke. There'd be a map that would pinpoit the spot, and give it a color rating. Green for excellent, Yellow for mediocre, and Red for YUCK! Anyways, he said that would be really hard to maintain, and he just got a new house and his gf is coming back soon and basically, all I heard was "blah blah blah." So I asked him if he had a blog, and he said only on his myspace. But I think even that is way outdated. Let me check. Yep. Last one was from 2005. yikes. I even suggested he could make a blog solely dedicated to his 500+ movie collection he has growing. But no. I think he's too cool for it.

Anyways, about the challenge. Except for the extreme cost of the tires from last week, I've not spent all the money. Oh, I did have to buy gas, but I had to put that on my credit card. Normally I don't, but when money is tight, you just do it. So, I have about 6 more bucks till Friday. Not bad. And I don't really have anything coming up that would need to use that cash. So yay for me! It IS possible!



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