14 day challenge...

Well, I got paid today. And it sucks because my next pay day is on the 4th, and rent's due on the first. So this whole check (plus some from savings because one paycheck can't cover all the rent...) will be used up for that. To be safe, I already wrote out the check and will be pretending that I paid rent. Because, well, if I don't, when may 1st comes around, I'll really be hurting.

So, my challenge for the next 14 days is to only use whatever's left in my checking account. Sad as it is, it's a whole 36 bucks. I do have money in my savings, but I HATE taking money out of there. I am not a saver, but I like to just let it sit there. I put money in there a bit ago, and I want to see how long I can keep it there. lol.

So, what's that mean for me? Well, for J too. I do the grocery shopping. We don't get a lot at the store, but we'll be getting even less over the next 2 weeks. Or, I make him go. But that doesn't happen. Also, no satisfying spontaneous cravings, unless it won't cost anything...or we already have something to eat at home.

It sucks, but that's apart of growing up, and the struggle till you become financially stable. If that's at all possible....



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