blood, blood, go away

Well, today I had a dr's appt to remove another mole I have. I have lots, just a part of my genes. Anyways. In 2005 I had one removed behind my knee. Pretty easy...They numb the area and just cut the sucker off. Well, more like slice. Anyways, today I was having that done to another one on my other leg. So, the dr says "I'd like to take a look at the one we removed in 2005." I said "ok."

He decides that since he only cut the part that was sticking out, he said he'd like to just cut into my skin and get all of it out. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT???? I didn't sign up for that!

So, he stabbed me twice with a needle to numb both the areas. First comes the one from behind the knee. Not bad at all. Then the other one, no biggie. I leave.

As I'm walking to my car, I'm on the phone with J and I realize my leg feels wet. (the one where he removed the rest of the mole). I pull up my pant leg, I'M BLEEDING! Blood is dripping down my leg. J thinks it's hilarious. Of course, I call him a jerk. So I'm trying to hurry up to my car, but if I walk too fast, the blood comes out more. I finally make it there, take off the band-aid, and search for a tissue. Luckily, I had some napkins in my middle console. I start applying pressure but this thing just won't stop. I go through one napkin, and grab another. I call the dr's office. She told me all I can do is just apply pressure and eventually it will stop.

I sit in the parking lot with my leg propped up and applying pressure for 5 minutes. I decide this is ridiculous and drive back to work. I check the knee, still bleeding, but not as bad. I wobble into my office (luckily my co-worker and boss are gone) and check it again. Not bad, I think it's done.

I go to the bathroom to clean off my leg. Afterall, I gotta be cute! I'm going on a date with J tonight. I go to wipe off the blood from the wound itself BAM! Starts bleeding again. WTF?? I didn't know water attracts blood???

I'm back in my office now, It's been about 20 minutes since the procedure's been done. I think the blood has finally stopped. But I'm no fool - I'm not letting water anywhere near this thing for a week!



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