It's called CUSTOMER service....

So, yesterday I got a replacement credit card in the mail because mine expires this month. I call the 800 number to activate it.

The woman on the phone asks me to verify things, and I do. Then she said it's activated, and starts rambling on for seriously 3 minutes about some protection service for a fee so just in case I become injured or unemployed I can suspend payments.

At the end, she asks me if I'm interested and I nicely say no thank you.

She continues on. I say again "I'm sorry, but I'm at work. I'm really not interested."

She contineues on AGAIN. This time I say "Hello? Are you listening to me??"

Then she gets all pissy says " Excuse me????" And hangs up.

I swear. No joke.....I'm still in shock!


underwear ninja said...

ya that was me! i was rolling around and i rolled right off the boat. man, what a buzz kill!


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