1 Vegas trip down....1 to go

Well, I can't wait for the day when I can finally sit at home on a Saturday and just veg. Last weekend we went to Vegas for my cousin's 21st bday. He brought a group of hilarious friends. We went out to a bar/club/lounge on Friday night at Cesar's Palace called the Shadow bar. Quite interesting. Great music, no cover, sort of strong drinks. They (for some reason) had a Michael Jackson impersonator show up and just dance a bit during an MJ song...Then he left. Weird!

Some funny parts of the weekend:

  • My 40-something uncle hitting on girls WAAAY too young for him...And dancing like he's 20... (ewwww).
  • Loudly yelling "MYSPAAACE" and watching the reaction from our group (one guy starts posing like vogue style, but with more alcohol in his system - fricken hilarious).
  • Giving "high 5's" to your neighbor at the BlackJack table - because you get in trouble if you reach across it to give everyone high 5's.
  • Finding random pics you took the night before but you don't really remember cuz you were drunk.

I really enjoyed everything we did, even though J and I didn't get there till about 10pm and stuff. But we still made the most of it. I'm just glad this weekend we're staying at a hotel actually ON the strip - NY NY. I love that place! Especially the Nine Fine Irishmen bar. Car Bomb anyone???



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