I'd like a new car

Not sure why, but just feel like a new one. My car's not old. It's from 2004. Nice lil Honda Civic - 4 door. I was 22 when I got the 4 door, because I had only ever had a 2 door and that sucked. So, I realized I would have that car for awhile, and it would be a better investment to get a 4 door.

My co-worker and I are bored at work today. Not that we have nothing to do, but just don't want to do anything. She's been looking up the BMW and Mercedes SUV's, and I've been looking up the much cheaper types of SUVs. lol. I did a search to see how much I could trade my car in. But, I was looking under the wrong tab. Before I realized that, I was excited to see my car was still worth over $15,000!! Looking at the other SUVs, I realized I could upgrade, and still have the same monthly payment.

Then, she informed me that was the wrong tab. I was looking as a buyer, instead of a seller. When I clicked on the correct one, I found out it's only worth $12,200. Still, that's a huge chunk, but I wanted more! J has an SUV and it's so roomy and fantastic. My car is great, but it could be better. But, I guess I've been hit with a dose of reality and have to wait a few more years before I get a new car :o(



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